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Published on June 10th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Digital Activism Platform COMMUNITYx and Hit Boy’s Partnership Lead to Unjustly Imprisoned Father’s Release

In an inspiring collaboration, Chloe Cheyenne from COMMUNITYx, a prominent digital activism platform, joined forces with Chauncey “Big Hit” Hollis Sr., the father of the acclaimed GRAMMY Award-winning producer and artist Hit Boy. Mr. Hollis had been held unlawfully in prison for over 16 months beyond his mandated release date. With the collective efforts of Hit Boy and COMMUNITYx, a national movement was launched, compelling the court to grant Mr. Hollis the justice he deserved.

GRAMMY Award-winner Hit Boy and father Chauncey "Big Hit" Hollis, Sr.

GRAMMY Award-winner Hit Boy and father Chauncey “Big Hit” Hollis, Sr.

Digital Activism: Campaign for Freedom

COMMUNITYx, founded by Chloe Cheyenne, took action by creating a dedicated landing page at This platform aimed to inform the public about Mr. Hollis’ unjust imprisonment and gather signatures to support his release from prison.

Chloe Chyenne - Communityx 2

Chloe Chyenne (c) and Team COMMUNITYx

Unyielding Call for Justice:

Together with Hit Boy, COMMUNITYx called upon Judge Richard H. Kirschner, the presiding judge in Mr. Hollis’ case, to acknowledge the orders of the Appellate Court and promptly release him. The campaign urged the justice system to recognize the wrongful nature of Mr. Hollis’ imprisonment and take swift action to rectify this grave injustice.

Background of the Case:

In July 2014, Chauncey Hollis Sr. was found guilty and convicted of a hit-and-run incident resulting in significant bodily injury. Consequently, he was sentenced to 12 years and 4 months in prison, including a 5-year enhancement related to Count 1. Since 2021, Mr. Hollis had been petitioning Judge Kirschner to remove the 5-year enhancement, citing its improper application based on the mismatch between the Vehicle Codes and the Attorney General’s interpretation.

Appellate Court Decision Ignored:

In February 2023, the Court of Appeals heard Mr. Hollis’ case and granted his petition for a writ of habeas corpus. The court directed the trial court to strike the great bodily injury enhancement on Count 1 and amend the abstract of judgment accordingly. It was also mandated to send a certified copy of the amended abstract of judgment to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Regrettably, Judge Kirschner disregarded the Appellate Court’s decision, leading to Mr. Hollis’ continued unlawful imprisonment.

Digital Activism Secures Release and Public Support:

As a result of the delayed amendment to Mr. Hollis’ sentence, his time served should have ended in December 2021. However, he remained incarcerated for over 16 months beyond that date. COMMUNITYx urged concerned citizens to support the cause and make a difference by signing the petition on their website. To shed light on the injustice endured by Mr. Hollis and advocate for systemic change, a press conference was held, emphasizing the urgency to prevent such corrupt misconduct in the future.

For this Live Session, I got to sit with Chloe and Mr. Hollis, to discuss the underlying facts, how Mr. Hollis, basically representing himself, was able to secure the win at the Appellate level, and now that he’s free, what’s next? Chloe, a young dynamo, whose energy seems boundless in her work to ensure justice for people in the United States and its territories is afforded to everyone. I kind of stepped outside of journalistic neutrality and this became more of a conversation than an interview…Tune In!!!

Chauncey "Big Hit" Hollis, Sr.

Chauncey “Big Hit” Hollis, Sr. – pre-release

Chloe Chyenne - COMMUNITYx

Chloe Chyenne – COMMUNITYx

Through the partnership between COMMUNITYx and Hit Boy, Chauncey “Big Hit” Hollis Sr. was finally released from prison after enduring unlawful detention for an extended period. This successful collaboration not only secured justice for Mr. Hollis but also highlighted the power of digital activism in rallying public support and effecting positive change. For more information on the cause and to show your support by signing the petition, please visit

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