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Published on July 10th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


T.M.R Woodford: Revolutionizing Finance for Financial Success and Wealth Realizations

T.M.R Woodford, an accomplished entrepreneur, mentor, coach, and strategist, has made a significant impact in the realms of finance, entertainment, and wealth creation via his comprehensive financial programs powered by membership community TMRW Solutions. Hailing from Newark, NJ, Woodford’s journey to success has been characterized by resilience, mentorship, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Early Creative Pursuits and Mentorship

From an early age, Woodford displayed remarkable creative talent, receiving classical training as a vocalist and musician starting in the 3rd grade. As he progressed into high school, his passion for music flourished, leading him to become a songwriter and member of a singing group. Alongside his musical pursuits, Woodford played a pivotal role in founding a chapter of Phi Beta Sigmas, Sigma Beta Club, where he served as Vice President and later President in his senior year. His involvement in the renowned undefeated step team underscored the transformative power of mentorship in his life.

T.M.R Woodford Enjoys Multifaceted Career Development

At 18, Woodford’s aspirations expanded beyond being part of a singing group. Eager to deepen his understanding of the business and music industry, he enrolled in college while working in local recording studios. This multifaceted approach allowed him to refine his skills and excel in entry-level sales, quickly becoming the youngest representative and sales leader.

A proud moment for Woodford came when he served as a camp counselor at the Madison Square Boys and Girls Clubs Camp Madison in Kingston, NY. This experience solidified his commitment to mentoring and nurturing young talents.

Success in the Entertainment Industry

Woodford’s career took an exciting turn when he crossed paths with Latrice Williams, the A&R for Bad Boy Entertainment, responsible for scouting exceptional talent for the label. Woodford played a crucial role in bringing promising artists such as 6 Deep (formerly of Flava Unit) and iconic singer-songwriter Lashawn Daniels into the Bad Boy family. He also collaborated with the late Diane Johnson at her West NY, NJ-based studio DJ Records, working as a vocal coach and producer alongside luminaries like Whitney Houston.

By 21, Woodford embarked on a new phase of his journey, joining Emmy Award-winning producer Wayne Grimsley and the group “Choice” in Atlanta. Thriving in various positions, including road manager and tour manager, he expanded his knowledge of the business and further honed his skills.

Transition to Financial Empowerment for T.M.R Woodford

Motivated to empower entertainers and businesses, T.M.R Woodford launched his own entertainment consulting firm, leveraging his expertise in sales strategy, client and employee systems, growth strategies, and more. While initially serving primarily entertainment clients, his firm quickly expanded its scope to include accounting firms, insurance companies, technology firms, non-profit organizations, and other businesses seeking optimization in sales, investor relations, accounts receivables, and diversity and inclusion.

Amid challenges, Woodford recognized the need to pivot his business. Focusing on finance, he began connecting businesses with funding opportunities while realizing that not everyone qualified for such funding. This realization led him to delve into private finance, empowering individuals to gain certainty, security, and control over their financial future.

Collaboration with Todd Burkhalter and Drive Planning

Woodford’s journey took a transformative turn when he crossed paths with Todd Burkhalter, a seasoned financial consultant with over 20 years of experience. Recognizing the immense value Burkhalter’s knowledge brought, Woodford joined forces with him, becoming a senior financial consultant at Drive Planning of which he is now the Managing Partner. This role provides him with deeper insights into private finance, equipping him to empower clients to become their own banks and achieve a secure and leveraged financial position.

Today, T.M.R Woodford, among his other pursuits, is also the driving force of TMRW Solutions a forward-thinking fin-tech company committed to empowering individuals to secure their financial future. Their comprehensive range of tools is designed to be accessible to everyone, fostering a communal approach to financial well-being. The group combines educational resources, systematic strategies, traditional practices, and innovative technologies to provide cutting-edge solutions that fortify the economic model.

Finally, T.M.R Woodford’s relentless pursuit of financial success and wealth realizations is evident in his holistic approach, unique insights, and personalized strategies. Through his membership platform and program, he enables individuals to achieve financial health, leading to overall well-being and prosperity.

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