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Published on August 10th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Dynamic Duo GAWD Shakes Up the Scene with ‘Two Hot’

Prepare yourself for a sonic odyssey unlike any other as the enigmatic duo GAWD (@gawdherself) emerges from the ethereal depths of the musical cosmos. Alana and Alayna, the dynamic forces behind this psychedelic dance R&B sensation, are about to ignite the stage with their scorching release, “Two Hot,” which ignites the airwaves today. This is more than just music; it’s a bewitching fusion of rhythm and soul that defies categorization, and GAWD is here to carve their own celestial path through the auditory universe.

“Two Hot” isn’t just a song – it’s an electric invocation of euphoria, accompanied by a visual journey that encapsulates the very essence of unbridled joy. Watch as the duo unleashes their carefree dance amidst a mesmerizing visualizer, a vibrant testament to their zest for life. This tantalizing teaser is but a glimpse of the sonic voyage that awaits within their forthcoming EP, entitled ‘Cathedral City,’ set to grace our ears on the sacred date of September 8th, 2023. Brace yourselves, for GAWD, is not just delivering music; they’re weaving an intricate tapestry of sound and vision, with each track accompanied by an entrancing visual story that engulfs the senses.

The moniker GAWD, an acronym for “Good Ass Women Deserve,” is more than a name – it’s a declaration of emancipation and empowerment. Alana and Alayna, the masterminds behind this cosmic symphony, proclaim that their music is a profound homage to the forces that shape existence itself. Through their acronym, they proclaim their right to embrace the greatness that springs forth from their artistic pilgrimage.

Originating from diverse corners of the map, Alana’s roots lie in Pomona, while Alayna hails from the soulful heart of Memphis. Now, the pulsating beat of their artistic souls finds its home in the electric embrace of Los Angeles. Yet, their creative journey embarked beneath the starlit expanse of “Cathedral City,” a desert oasis that birthed their enchanting union. Amidst this serene backdrop, melodies flowed like sacred incantations, reverberating within the grand arches of a cathedral, birthing their distinctive sonic signature.

“We’ve woven these melodies to mend our spirits and embolden our souls. May the same enchantment embrace all those who lend an ear,” echoes the harmonious chorus of GAWD.

Influences as diverse as the constellations above, from the soulful serenades of Jones Girls to the cosmic grooves of Pharrell, converge to fuel GAWD’s sonic tapestry. Their passion is an unbreakable tether to the very core of music’s essence, a vessel to bridge hearts and minds, beckoning listeners to immerse in a realm of emotion and introspection.

“We yearn for them to feel the invincible surge,” GAWD shares. “To sense the echo of their voices, acknowledged and revered. Their narratives and truths hold dominion, mirrored in our own existence as we are reflected in theirs.”

GAWD’s anthem is a clarion call, a declaration that their ethereal harmonies are here to emancipate, uplift, and inspire. As the world stands poised to embrace the rhapsody of “Two Hot” and the forthcoming EP ‘Cathedral City,’ let us heed the celestial summons of GAWD and embark on a voyage of sound and spirit, guided by the symphony of the cosmos itself.

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