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Published on September 10th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Rising R&B Duo GAWD Delivers a Sonic Journey with ‘Cathedral City’ EP

GAWD, the dynamic R&B duo known for their captivating melodies and ethereal vibes, is taking the music scene by storm with their latest EP, ‘Cathedral City.’ Fresh off the success of their hit single “Two Hot,” the duo continues to build on their momentum, solidifying their position as the next big thing in the industry. With ‘Cathedral City,’ listeners are in for a mesmerizing experience, as GAWD weaves an enchanting sonic tapestry that transcends traditional boundaries. The release is accompanied by an evocative music video for “NVM,” offering a complete narrative that reflects the labor of love invested in this project from start to finish.


A Heavenly Soundscape

The essence of ‘Cathedral City’ lies in its unique thematic inspiration. Executive produced by the talented Stanley Randolph, this EP is an auditory masterpiece that can only be described as heavenly in nature. GAWD’s artistic prowess shines through in every note, creating an otherworldly sonic experience that lingers in the soul.

From Desert Origins to Sonic Bliss

Hailing from the desert, GAWD’s creative partnership was forged amidst a landscape that infused their music with an unearthly aura. Explaining their journey, GAWD shares, “Subsequently all the music we began to make sounded very heavenly with lots of reverberating harmonies that sounded like it was recorded underneath the high ceilings of a cathedral. This concept gave way to our name and informed the type of sounds we gravitated towards.”

This celestial concept not only birthed their name but also served as the guiding light for their musical direction. The result is a harmonious blend of celestial harmonies and unique sonic landscapes that set GAWD apart in the contemporary music scene.



‘Cathedral City’ – An Exploration of Nuance

In their own words, ‘Cathedral City’ is an exploration beyond the ordinary. GAWD invites listeners into a world where complexity and nuance reign supreme. The EP paints a vivid picture of individuals embracing a rich tapestry of sounds, genres, roles, and archetypes. Through their music, GAWD portrays themselves as multifaceted protagonists in their own stories, unapologetically showcasing their flaws, complexities, pettiness, evolution, and everything in between.

GAWD states, “We wanted to imagine a world where we existed as nuanced and varied beings, in all sounds, genres, roles, and archetypes. We wanted to see ourselves as the main characters in our own stories, flawed and complex and petty and evolved and everything in between.”

A Year of Ascension

The year 2023 has been nothing short of a stellar ascent for GAWD. Fresh from supporting Becky Hill on tour at The Fonda in August, they are poised for another noteworthy performance at Rhythm & Vibes in Los Angeles on September 23rd. With their unmistakable talent and unique musical vision, GAWD’s future shines brightly on the horizon.

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