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Using Font Combinations to Improve Your Music Website Design

As you start your music career, you need every advantage to help you stand out from your competition. This includes improving your music website design to make it more appealing to potential listeners. There are many ways to approach web design improvement. You can optimize the images, ensure the navigation tabs are visible and visually appealing, reduce the size of each webpage, and make the fonts stylish.

Fonts are often underrated when people set up their website but it can increase brand appeal. When people visit a website, they read the text to know what it is about. You can use stylish and pleasant fonts to retain their attention and improve user experience.

You can also make a font or font combination central to your brand image by using it consistently on your website, merchandise, and promotional materials. With time, people will start to attach your brand to the font or combination of fonts you choose. To get the ideal font combinations for your music website, read this guide by Connective Web Design.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Music Website Font

It is in your best interest to make your font or font combinations attractive and pleasant. However, you should not sacrifice legibility in your effort to be stylish because it may harm more than help you. These are some factors that should guide your font or font combination choice:


Website texts are meant to be read, so visitors should be able to read any font or font combination that features on your website. Select legible fonts, suitable font sizes, and implement proper line spacing, as these will make reading effortless and prevent eye strain.


Contrast plays a vital role in making text stand out on a website. You should choose fonts, font weights, and font sizes that contrast the images and colors of your website. These elements should be consistent throughout the headings, subheadings, and text bodies throughout the website. 


People will use different devices to visit your website, so the font should adapt and remain legible on all of them. The font of your website text should be made responsive so they can change where necessary to accommodate different screen sizes.


Font styles can be used to show your brand’s personality to music listeners. For example, serious business-like fonts are ideal for law firms and financial institutions, while colorful and playful characters are suitable for artwork shops, kid’s clothing stores, and music websites.

Information organization

Besides being used for purely aesthetic purposes, fonts and font combinations can also be used to organize information on a website. You can do this by varying the font styles, sizes, and weights strategically to guide the reader’s attention while they read the website text.


A website’s design directly influences its appeal and the time the average person will spend on it. Fonts are one of the many web design elements you can optimize to make your brand as a musician appeal to a wider audience. Fortunately, there are many fonts to choose from and you can combine them to make your brand more attractive to a wide audience.

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