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Published on August 25th, 2023 | by Jessica Williams


“On The Edge” – A New Game Show Celebrating Music & Black Culture

Prepare yourself for an enthralling cultural spectacle that will keep you at the edge of your seat! I Am Phreshy Brand, Sovereign Brands, and AMPD365 are excited to introduce “On The Edge: Music, Friends & Culture,” an electrifying new game show that seamlessly blends entertainment, enlightenment, and exhilaration. Created by the brilliant minds of Derrian “Phreshy” Perry and Zeplyn Tillman, this innovative series is set to revolutionize fun in pop culture, making its debut on August 31, 2023.

Hosted by influential talents from the music industry along with one of their closest confidants, “On The Edge” invites you to witness a thrilling exchange of questions that traverse the realms of music, friendship, and black culture. And the spice? If a question is passed on, contestants
will brave a chip paired with hand-selected hot sauces that increase in heat as the rounds intensify.

“On The Edge: Music, Friends & Culture” is divided into three electrifying segments:

  • ROUND 1: Song Association Questions – Contestants must quickly respond to song association prompts, revealing their musical expertise and connections.
  • ROUND 2: Questions about their Favorite Artists – Hosts challenge each other’s knowledge about beloved artists, delving into the artists who inspire us all.
  • ROUND 3: This or That Questions – The ultimate test of personal preferences and connections to black culture, as contestants navigate a rapid-fire round of either/or questions.

Leading the charge in this inaugural season are captivating talent hosts including:

  • Kaliii, accompanied by Guest Host: Rich Nanni
  • Jerrika Karlae, joined by Guest Host: Mariah
  • Daysha Taylor, with Guest Host: Quik V
  • Akeem Ali partnered with Guest Host: Jay
  • Big Boss Vette, alongside Guest Host: Ro
  • Asianae, joined by Guest Host: CUBE
  • Kollision, accompanied by Guest Host: Cloth
  • 3OH Black, with Guest Host: Chelly the MC

Get ready to dive into entertainment, cultural exploration, and fiery flavors on August 31, 2023.

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