Conversations 3sum podcast interview featuring co-hosts Kiendra and Yessenia, with music sensation Safa Diallo on FWY TV (YouTube)

Published on December 4th, 2023 | by Dante Desir


Safa Diallo Music and More: A Candid 3sum Conversation

In a recent 3sum interview featuring co-hosts Kiendra, Yessenia, and music sensation Safa Diallo, the trio kicked off the conversation by acknowledging Diallo’s remarkable following on platforms like Spotify. As the discussion unfolded, the audience was treated to insights into Safa Diallo’s uprising in the music scene, the genre of music he passionately creates, and his pivotal role as a bridge to Jaspore, connecting others to the rich tapestry of black culture.

A notable highlight was the exploration of Safa Diallo’s experiences on tour. The ladies delved into the culinary delights across various countries, probing Diallo about the best food he had encountered and the countries that had left a lasting impact on him. This segment offered a glimpse into the artist’s adventures beyond the stage.

The conversation also uncovered the wellspring of Safa Diallo’s inspiration. For those unfamiliar, Jaspore was defined as someone living outside their continent, adding an extra layer of cultural exploration to the conversation.

Then it was in the final segment that things took a spicy turn. Kiki and Yessenia saved the most intriguing questions for last, creating an atmosphere charged with anticipation. The exchange between the trio became a rollercoaster of laughter, fun, and unexpected revelations.

Tune in to the full interview below and connect with FYW and 3 SUM on YouTube (@FYWTV1)

As Safa Diallo’s fan base continues to grow, interviews like these provide an intimate look into the artist’s world, offering fans and newcomers alike a chance to connect with the person behind the music.

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