Live Sessions Donius “Woodrow” Woods, CEO of The Umbrella Firm and Goat Mode Productions - Courtesy of The Umbrella Firm

Published on January 18th, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


In-depth with Donius “Woodrow” Woods, CEO of The Umbrella Firm/Goat Mode Productions

Tune in to our exclusive #LiveSession conversation with Donius “Woodrow” Woods, CEO of The Umbrella Firm and Goat Mode Productions. This friendly catch-up delves into both business and personal aspects of Woodrow’s life. Join us as we explore critical topics within the music industry and the unique challenges faced by successful artists. From recent achievements to upcoming placements, Woodrow shares insights from his journey in the entertainment industry.

Woodrow’s Journey to Professional Studios

Woodrow, a veteran of the Afghani wars, takes us through his discovery of the value of professional studios. In this segment, he reflects on the impact of Jeezy’s music, leading him to invest in a professional studio experience. Despite initial skepticism, he paid $400 for a four-hour block, gaining more access than just recording a song. Join us as Woodrow unveils the transformative power of professional studios.

Donius “Woodrow” Woods, CEO of The Umbrella Firm and Goat Mode Productions - Courtesy of The Umbrella Firm

Overcoming Challenges and Finding Success in the Music Industry

Woodrow opens up about muscling his way through the music industry, sharing how he creatively booked shows to make a name for himself. He also reveals setbacks, such as losing a deal due to a misplaced hard drive. Despite challenges, Woodrow’s determination prevailed as he coordinated events and brought new-age acts to the forefront. Discover the resilience that fueled his path to success.

Woodrow’s Journey to Grand Hustle Studios

Join us as Woodrow recounts building his network, leading to an introduction to Elliott Strad and an invitation to Grand Hustle Studios. He describes the vibrant studio environment and the influential artists who shaped his journey during his time there.

Woodrow’s Motivational Factors

Woodrow shares the driving forces behind his success, including overcoming a challenging upbringing and providing for his children. He discusses personal experiences with hate and abandonment, emphasizing the importance of having a purpose larger than oneself. Gain insights into the motivational factors that have propelled Woodrow forward.

The Man and His Team are Everywhere!!!

Woodrow Got Into Big Boogie’s Rise to Success

In this segment, Woodrow shares his experiences working with Big Boogie, detailing the initial persuasion to explore emotional and melodic records. Explore the significance of the R&B market in creating lifelong fans and the necessity of a cohesive team moving in the right direction. Uncover the secrets behind Big Boogie’s rise on the Billboard charts.


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DJ Holiday and Hollipalooza’s Partnership with The Source Magazine

I expressed my admiration for DJ Holiday and Hollipalooza and Woodrow discussed the success of the festival and its unique approach to connecting with the audience. We dive into the partnership between DJ Holiday, Hollipalooza, and The Source magazine, unraveling the impact of Hollipalooza in meeting the audience where they are.

Woodrow on the Success of the SXSW Beer and Tacos Stage

Woodrow sheds light on the instrumental role of the Beer and Tacos movement at SXSW in spotlighting artists like Migos and Gloss Up. Explore the events organized at South by Southwest and Miami, providing opportunities for emerging artists alongside established names. Discover the platform created for artists who may not have access to major festivals like Rolling Loud.

Tune in to our exclusive conversation below and delve into the dynamic world of Woodrow and his impactful journey in the entertainment industry.

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