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Published on March 18th, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


310babii on His Meteoric Rise to Stardom: “I feel numb”

In this Live Session conversation, I had the privilege of sitting down with the talented artist and astute businessman 310babii to discuss his recent global success with his song soak city (do it) and the release of his debut album “nights and weekends.” During our discussion, we touched on key questions such as how 310babii balances his budding career with his last year of high school, the biggest takeaway he wants listeners to have from his new album, and his wildest music creation moment. Here are some highlights from our insightful conversation, watch the entire exclusive Live Session following the highlights:

310babii’s Rise to Fame and Creative Process

We jumped right into 310’s sudden rise to fame and the impact of his hit song “soak city (do it).” He shared his initial excitement and subsequent shock at the rapid success, along with insights into the creative process behind his music and the strategic decisions made for his album.

Man, so it had to be a big smile when you found out that “soak city (do it)” was turning the world on its ear. What was your initial reaction when you found out that you were sweeping the nation?

Man, to be honest, I was excited when I first started seeing the numbers grow and go up. But I was in shock for a couple weeks. And then after a while, I became numb. I feel numb now, kind of But it’s because it all feels fake. It kind of feels fake.

I didn’t expect you to say that. May I ask why you feel that way?

Because it’s like, my life changed like, not overnight, but like, quick, you know? Like real quick.

What’s one of your favorite songs from the new album “nights and weekends” and why?

There’s a song on there, back it up with Bia. The song was released as a single, but I put it on the album with the verse from Bia. And I’ve got a lot of good reviews. People, I mean, it’s kind of going up on socials. It’s going up right now. And yeah, to me, I like that song because it’s like, it’s showing people that like, boom, a party song is fun, but then I have “back it up” too, like, don’t sleep on “back it up.” And I think that’s why it was so smart to be a feature on it, because then it’s pulling some of her fans and pulling a different side of the world that may have not heard it, or another song from 310.

Okay, great strategic moves. Are you, taking a strong part in your creative process and how everything comes together?

For me, it was me and my manager and the team talking about me and developing and growing, but also remembering early on what got me here. Let’s try to keep that too. We don’t want to lose. I don’t want to lose who I am, right? So the creative process, for example, if I wasn’t like writing or, well, let’s say this, say my recording process was a certain way, like how I recorded Soak City off my phone, let’s keep that. And I mean, that’s a part of the creative process as well, is like not getting forced into the studio and being able to maintain the previous method I want to have.

Personal Growth and Development

310 discussed his journey and influences, from envisioning himself on stage at Rolling Loud to actually being added as a performer at the upcoming Rolling Loud California music festival this year. He expressed gratitude for the support he received from notable names in the industry like Tyga who supported him very early on and he touched on the importance of maintaining ownership of his work in the music business.

Since you said not to lose yourself, talk to me from the inside, looking out, at how you see 310babii.

I see 310babii as my business. It’s my business. It’s fun, it’s party, it’s youthful, yet smart and intelligent. And I think when you package all those different traits up into a bar, package it up nice, it wins, especially in this climate or this time when it comes to music in 2024. I think we can use the intelligence, we can use still, I don’t know, the creativity, me doing it off my phone and me doing it in school still. I think it’s just room for somebody like me.

Leading Supporters and Fans

When asked about his intentions for leading his supporters and fans on his musical journey, 310 emphasized that he is simply making music and that they are on the journey together. He believes his music can help direct their journey and that they can also learn from his business, lifestyle, and health decisions.

I feel like I was just chosen for this. I mean, yeah, it’s not like regular, like normal, like the average 18-year-old isn’t doing what I’m doing, but I feel like it’s like chosen, like I’m chosen for it, and I was chosen to be a leader, leader of the youth. And that’s how I look at myself. Because at the end of the day, it’s like me, like, yeah, my music may say certain things or whatever, but at the end of the day, that’s not who I am. You know what I’m saying? In regards to, I mean, I’m saying have fun, I have fun, but I’m not, I’m saying in regards to like, don’t look at me as just what I say in these songs.

I think I’m doing the easy part, I guess, just the music, whatever, making the music. And then the people that support me, I mean, we’re just, we’re on the same journey because those kids that support me are just like me, kids. I mean, of course, there’s some that are younger, but I mean, I really don’t know where I’m leading them. I think I’m just doing that organically. It’s not a plan, really.

310babii’s Musical Vision and Creative Process

We discussed 310’s musical vision and creative process, focusing on his goal of showcasing a new sound and flavor in his music. He highlighted the importance of allowing his music to evolve and shared insights into his use of BandLab for recording.

This is your last year of high school, right? And you’ve got this amazing budding career. How are you managing to balance? What do you use to focus?

I would say, I’m not just easily impressed by certain things. I’ve seen a lot in a short amount of time. Of course, there’s so much more to see, but I’ve seen a good amount of things that the average person would just jump at, and I didn’t jump. So I think just staying focused and knowing my end goal and what I want for myself, is what’s keeping me on straight and keeping me aligned with everything. Because the moment I fall out of alignment with the goal and the end goal, it’s all over. So knowing that is enough for me.

It was an enlightening conversation with 310babii, and I’m excited to see where his journey takes him next! Tune in to the full conversation below!

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