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Published on March 9th, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Emmy-Nominated Filmmaker Serena DC Talks Aliens and New Film

I had fun during my Live Session interview with Serena DC, a multi-talented individual known for her work as an Emmy-nominated filmmaker and actress. We discussed Serena’s recent success at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards for her documentary “My Transparent Life,” and her experience at the awards ceremony, where she interacted with personalities like Kid Cudi and Jonathan from Queer Eye. We also got into her new fascination with Aliens and her new film on the subject.

Previewing “The Marfa Lights” Feature Film

Serena provided insights into the eagerly anticipated premiere of “The Marfa Lights” feature film. She shed light on the mysterious orbs of light that manifest in Marfa, Texas, and discussed her team’s endeavors to explore this enigmatic phenomenon. We also touched upon the challenges faced in securing funding for the film amidst the competitive landscape of independent filmmaking.

Her Filmmaking Motivation

Serena DC shared her driving force behind filmmaking, citing a desire to address societal issues and provoke change as quintessential Aquarian traits. The conversation briefly diverted to the UFO and ET genre in filmmaking, reflecting Serena’s keen interest in exploring the unknown.

Exploring the Nazca Alien Mummies Project

Serena elaborated on her production company’s latest endeavor, a film centered on the Nazca alien mummies discovered in Peru. She recounted the startling discovery of numerous mummified bodies by a tomb raider and the subsequent scientific endeavors to decipher their origins through autopsies and analysis. Serena expressed her fervent curiosity in uncovering Earth’s remaining mysteries through cinematic storytelling.

Encounters and Beliefs in the Unexplained

Reflecting on her personal journey, Serena recounted a transformative encounter with a UFO during a meditation session, prompting a profound shift in her beliefs. I chimed in, sharing my own experiences and highlighting the evolving societal acceptance of extraterrestrial phenomena. Our discussion underscored the profound impact such encounters can have on individuals…this was a fun tangent!

Navigating the Challenges of Indie Filmmaking:

Serena candidly shared her experiences navigating the hurdles of indie filmmaking, addressing financial constraints, self-doubt, and the perseverance required to succeed in the industry. She emphasized the importance of self-advocacy and creating opportunities on the arduous journey toward success.

The Struggles of Film Distribution

We delved into the frustrations of independent filmmakers grappling with distributors who fail to effectively promote their movies. Serena recounted a personal anecdote where her acclaimed film received inadequate marketing despite earning an Emmy nomination, highlighting the need for distributors to adopt a more supportive and mentor-like approach toward producers.

Striking a Balance Between Work and Family

The conversation took a personal turn as Serena and I shared anecdotes about the challenges of balancing work and family life. We underscored the significance of creating meaningful memories with our children and the struggle to maintain both physical and mental presence amidst busy schedules. This seems a constant in the world of creatives and entrepreneurs.

Transitioning from Books to Film

Serena DC detailed her transition from writing books to filmmaking, attributing the shift to evolving audience preferences and time constraints. She let me in on her inspiration for crafting immersive documentaries. She fully satisfied my curiosity about her storytelling approach and cinematic influences during this portion…so interesting.

Exploring Filmmaking, Entrepreneurship, and Work-Life Balance:

As I like to do with people whose daily calendars read like an Excel spreadsheet, or perhaps for filmmakers and actors, a call sheet, we engaged in a poignant discussion about pursuing dreams, fulfilling one’s purpose, and achieving work-life balance. Serena stressed the importance of shedding guilt associated with ambition, while I admired her contributions to the film and entertainment industry.

Tune in to the full conversation below!!!

In addition to her work in the industry, Serena can also touch on raising 2 children as a single mom, her success as an entrepreneur through her companies  Elysium Media, Ad Astra Film and TV Distribution and Gel Bae, her bestselling self-help books “Love Me? Love Me!” and “The Turnaround”. Stay tuned as we follow and bring updates on this dynamo!

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