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Published on March 28th, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


A Hype Welcome to the FRSHOUT Hip Hop Podcast!


Dear FRSHOUT Hip Hop Fans,

It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that I extend a warm welcome to the dynamic team behind the FRSHOUT Hip Hop podcast and their supporters as they join The Hype Magazine Network. Led by the talented trio of Iceberg Slim, J. Camp, and Bebop, FRSHOUT has earned its reputation as “The World’s Most Dangerous Music Podcast,” captivating Hip Hop fans of all ages and backgrounds every Wednesday at 9:30 pm EST.

At FRSHOUT, the mix of comedy, fun, and Hip Hop creates an electrifying atmosphere, drawing in music fanatics from around the globe. With each episode, Iceberg Slim, J. Camp, and Bebop bring laughter, insight, and their unparalleled knowledge of the hottest topics in Hip Hop and entertainment directly to your screens. Whether you’re tuning in from your TV, tablet, or smartphone, you’re guaranteed an entertaining and informative experience.

I am thrilled to announce that I will appear with the FRSHOUT team monthly to discuss topics related to Hip Hop journalism, trends in media, the algorithm, and more. It’s an honor to collaborate with such a talented group of individuals who share a passion for Hip Hop culture and storytelling.

Allow me to introduce you to the hosts of FRSHOUT

Iceberg Slim: A true music aficionado and avid fan of the NBA Lakers and MLB Yankees. Iceberg’s favorite artists include Nas and Jay-Z, and his infectious energy sets the tone for each episode.

J. Camp: A dedicated lyricist and family man with a deep love for the NFL Ravens. J. Camp’s favorite Hip Hop group is A Tribe Called Quest, and his insightful commentary adds depth to every discussion.

Bebop: A talented music producer and lyricist whose passion for Hip Hop knows no bounds. Bebop’s favorite Hip Hop groups are The Fugees and Wu-Tang Clan, and his expertise brings a unique perspective to the podcast.

Together, Iceberg Slim, J. Camp, and Bebop form a formidable team that promises to keep you entertained and informed week after week.


As part of The Hype Magazine Network, the FRSHOUT podcast will soon be available throughout the network following the live run on the FRSHOUT platforms:

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