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Published on July 29th, 2015 | by Jason Bourne


Who Is: Mackalevin

Bragging about how he got the name as a result of his prowess in the battle sector, Brooklyn New York native Mackalevin is not one for being short on words when it comes to talking about his music or his passion. Rising through the ranks of the Big Apple‘s indie scene, Mackalevin has hung his hat on quality output lead by his recently released Nightmares single which has served as the perfect follow up to Show Me Around.

At first glance some would easily make the mistake of thinking that his name and approach is another over-glorification of a street life which is for all intents and purposes as far from the truth as one could be. Yes, he has seen his fair share of misfortune the same as any other product of inner city environment. His goal however is not to glamourize, however it is to put into perspective. Mac-11 as you would think, does serve well as a depiction of his ferocious delivery. With bars spewing on demand, Mackalevin is as comfortable as ever as the center of attention. With a mic placed in front of him, he is at home just like those Brooklyn streets.

He paints words, and provides substance to an audience that has heightened exponentially with all the media coverage he has received more recently.

“Every word is tailored exactly to paint a picture for the audience so they can see what I’m writing about.”

Add to that his healthy list of appearances city-wide as the whose who in tastemakers help him celebrity his promise. Radio has been good to Mackalevin as well, as he and his Beekay Entertainment team have become a mainstay in mixes of iconic DJs such as DJ Clue and leading contributor DJ Will, both of tiitan brand Power 105 FM.

His influencers is a list of legends from Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z, Fabolous, and Andre 3000 all of whom create without boundary yet never leave their niche or core following lost. His goals are realistic, his approach calculated his focus, cross-haired. Take notice as another potential star blooms before our eyes.

Connect with Mackalevin via Social Media

Instagram: @milliondollarmack_

Twitter: @mackalevin

Check out his video for Nightmares

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