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5 things you should know about D’Shon

D’Shon is emerging in the music industry as an artist and is the singer of “All She Wants.” At just 5-years-old, he began singing in church with his grandmother and uncle. On November 7, he will be performing at Orlando International Fashion Week, which is one of the largest Central Florida events in the fashion industry.

Check out 5 things you should know about D’Shon.

1). If you had the opportunity to collaborate with anyone in the music industry, who would it be and why?

I would have to say Babyface because to me he is a Musical Genius and knows how to cater to whatever audience no matter if it’s him singing or him writing for someone else and they are singing it. You can identify a Babyface Production. He have and always have made good quality music. I would Love to be able to do the same for this new aged generation as well as for the older!

2). Who are your musical influences?

I would have to say Muziq Soulchild, Jagged Edge, Joe, Donell Jones, R.Kelly, Tank, and like I mentioned before, Babyface, just to name a few.

3). What are your biggest pet peeves?

  • Someone trying to be something they’re not.
  • Folks that do more complaining than doing.
  • People that think small when there is a big world out there.
  • Slackers.

4). Where do you want to be in 5 years?

Living the dream with my team and my family wherever life leads me to be. Maybe Cali! lol.

Investing my money like how I do now, but more on a major level.

Have my foundation up and running.

Giving back to those in a serious way that I would never imagine.

5). Do you see yourself acting in the future?

Nah, not unless it’s really worth my time, but I’d rather be working on my, and other people’s projects…Putting together events for the people.

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