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Exclusive: Wash ‘Can’t Trust Thots’ and won’t stop making music

Wash, a new coming artist from a small town in Texas, has made major moves in the hip-hop industry. Although Wash may be a new comer, he has established a report so large, that he has collaborated with two of the industry’s musical veterans, French Montana, and Kevin Gates on two of his latest singles.

Apart from these euphoric musical collaborations, Wash has done a lot on his own to establish himself as the artist many people know and love today. Since perfecting his craft from the young age of five, he was bound to make music for the world to love and enjoy. Read below about Wash, his latest music, and upcoming projects below.

How did you start your career in music?

I had a long journey. I started singing at the age of five, and I grew up in the church. It’s always something that’s been instilled in me. I just kept dreaming and holding onto it. I was travelling a lot back and forth, meeting new producers, and still maintaining my Youtube presence. It wasn’t until I met, “Chef Tone,” that I connected and vibed out with him,  and came up with the, “Thots,” single. We brought it to Interscope, and the rest was history.

How many years has it been since you’ve been making music?

I started playing the keyboard at 15 years old. My parents and family sing, so it was always been around me for as long as I can remember.

Would you consider yourself only a singer?

I think I am a full, and well rounded artist. I can play the keyboard, drums, I dance, and I even write music too. I looked up to people like Michal Jackson who could sing and still do an interview and beat box.

Tell me about your latest singles featuring French Montana and the other featuring Kevin gates?

Well it was surreal coming from a small town in Texas, to then moving in with Chef Tone, my mentor, who helped with the writing and recording process. It was surreal to have French on the, “Cant Trust Thots,” song with me. Heard the song, and just hopped right on it.

“Where you Been,” featuring Kevin Gates happened so organically, and Chef Tone also had a relationship with him. Kevin sensed my spirit and things went super smooth, so  we ended up making a song together.

Now that your accomplishing so much musically, do you ever reflect on where you are ad where you’re headed?

There comes a point in time in your career where you have to sit back and evaluate where you can really fit in and flourish. I’m an extreme person, and anything I do, I give it 110 percent.

What do your parents and the people you grew up with in the church say about the type of music you make?

It was funny, my dad text me and said, “Son, let your next song be about joy.” (Wash Laughs). But he understands that what I’m doing is bigger than the music. I’m one of the main people doing this from where I come from, and I’m trying to bring life back to the city. He understands that this is a business, just like everyone else does.

What is it like being in your hometown now that your life transitioned?

It’s always crazy when people you grow up with kind of give you the side eye and acknowledge that you actually did what you said you were going to do. But its dope, because I love to inspire people, and it feels good to carry the torch as cliché as it sounds.  

You mentioned being in Atlanta for some time, in the beginning phases of your career and networking with producers. Do you think being in Atanta, Ga, a powerhouse for music these days influenced your career?

I definitely do. Seeing peoples’ work ethics and the belief people have for themselves, it pushed me. Being around Chef Tone definately influenced me a lot with my music as well.

Tell me about your pairing with Interscope Records?

We came up with, “Can’t Trust Thots,” and we sent it to the label, and they loved the record. I met all of those individuals when I flew into the label in LA. The energy was amazing. I loved their attitudes, and we all seemed to share the same spirit. It just felt right, so we decided to partner up.

What project are you working on currently?

I’m working on a mixtape called, “Port Arthur.” We just finished recording the video also. We’re constantly working. The upcoming album title is subject to change, but that’s coming up as well.

What would you say is your end goal in all the work that you’re doing?

I just want to be the best that this generation of music has seen. There are so many things I want to venture off into as well like acting, and more. The sky is the limit for me. I just plan on being the best I can be, and inspiring others that wish to do the same things as myself.

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