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Published on September 13th, 2018 | by Guest Contributor


Besides Daniel – T E E M I N G

Besides Daniel Strips Down, Finds Roots On Latest Album T E E M I N G

Georgia based Musician Looks To The Mountains for Inspiration

Over ten years into a rising career, Besides Daniel continues to evolve from a shy musical recording project into a dynamic live performance with a growing audience and three previously successful albums. The dynamic blend of poetic lyricism, evocative vocals and cathartic honesty that comes from the music is unique and refreshing.

Danny Brewer, the mastermind behind Besides Daniel, pulls from his own experiences and life lessons to craft his songs. His last release, This Marvelous Grief, was featured by NPR, Starbucks and NBC’s Heartbeat.  The album told stories of the soul-searching, heartache and the all-around “craziness” that comes with being in your twenties.  T E E M I N G, released on August 24th,  is a subtle reflection on the adventure of putting roots in the ground, committing to love, healing through long-suffering and the celebration of new life. This collection of songs humbly puts into perspective the weight of life lessons, true friendship, the risks of marriage and the triumph of a heart that has healed. In the time between releases, Brewer became a husband and father and learned from the unique experience of building and living in a tiny house in the mountains of North Georgia. “Our house is very simple and spacious for being 250 square feet. It’s minimal as far as time and energy is concerned because we don’t have a lot of overhead in our life as far as bills, and it is very easy to maintain. I hope the record is informed and guided by that spaciousness,” reflects Brewer.

T E E M I N G was self-produced and recorded by Matt Pethel of Grey Echo Productions outside of Atlanta.  According to Danny, “Coming into this new record, I focused more on the pre-production and on the crafting of the songs. I focused on melody and harmony and putting simple, elegant songwriting elements together. It was developed much more thoroughly beforehand so there was a lot less to do during the actual recording process. That is what’s so fun about writing because you’re always surprised by it. This record has been like that. You start to write and then when you go back and see what you have written you can start to see the patterns and you learn about yourself along the way.”

Brewer takes an optimistic, “let the chips fall where they may” attitude when it comes to his future and the future of Besides Daniel. He has the drive and the spirit to travel and play his music whenever and wherever he is given the opportunity and also the wisdom to find happiness in the joy of touching lives with his songs while enjoying the small daily miracles of family life and parenthood.

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