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Published on March 20th, 2019 | by Jae Monique


Who Is Haitian Crook?

Haitian Crook is a South Florida recording artist who was born in Freeport, Grand Bahamas and grew up in Naples, Florida. He has worked with a few heavyweights in the music industry. He recently released his latest single titled “Me By Myself.”

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Jae Monique: How did you get the name Haitian Crook?

Crook: I got the name Crook in general because I use to snatch money, cell phones, and jewelry in school. I was breaking in people’s lockers and taking whatever they had. Plus, I’m half Haitian, so I went from Crook Lesane which is Tupac’s government name to Haitian Crook over the years.

JM: What gives you the motivation and drive to do what you do?

Crook: I get the motivation and drive from just being let down almost all my life. My family, in particular, let me down. They said I’d never make it. I’m from overseas so they basically said we would never excel at the same levels as the American kids. So, that drive was instilled in me at an early age.

JM: What is your latest single and what’s it about?

Crook: My latest single is called “That’s My Chick” which is about claiming your woman. The follow-up single is called “Me By Myself.” I’m bringing back that Florida vibe music

JM: What artists have you worked with?

Crook: I’ve worked with a lot of big artists, but name dropping seems like I’m thirsty for clout. I’ve worked with some heavy weights and also some R&B acts like CJ -Ckoonz. I have music all over the place.

JM: How does your overall culture feel about you being an artist?

Crook: The culture appreciates me as an artist and the industry knows I’m in it for the love, not the fame.


Haitian Crook is a South Florida recording artist who was born in Freeport, Grand Bahamas and grew up in Naples, Florida. During his childhood years, he had a lot of fun, but also caused a lot of trouble. He got the name Haitian Crook because in his past, he would steal money, cell phones, and other items from people at school. He would break into their lockers and take everything they had. In spite of his past, Haitian Crook is determined to live a positive life. His motivation comes from being let down by many people in his life, including his own family.

Haitian Crook started rapping at an early age and he use to rap over instrumentals. One of his latest singles is “That’s My Chick”, which is about claiming the woman you’re in a relationship with. He has a follow-up single titled “Me By Myself.” Haitian Crook has worked with many heavyweights in the music industry. He loves creating music and he considers it to be therapy and an escape for him. He will be delivering a consistent supply of musical content to his fans. His music is available on all digital platforms.





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