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Judi Jai Talks Growing Through Her Pain and Upcoming Project ‘Superstitious’

Judi Jai is a relatively new find for us musically but she’s been around for a minute as reality TV star mostly known for Bad Girls Club, but she’s done much more; she’s a woman of many hats. Judi is growing in popularity and is currently featured in the Sheen Magazine issue Jan/Feb 2020 on stands now.

Judi is prepping to drop her first EP “Superstitious” coming out this year, which she describes as a project which reflects where she is in her life right now. She lost both of my parents back to back and went through a dark stage of depression, and her anxiety didn’t make it better. “I am tired of holding myself back” she tell us.

Check out some of her most popular work as we get ready for the new release!

Ahead of her impending EP, The Hype Magazine got Judi Jai to weigh in on a few things!

From the outside looking in, who is the artist Judi Jai?

Judi Jai is a woman who has been through a lot, which ultimately made her even more creative. Pain is often used to inspire art, and that is what she did. Beautifully broken, she is a masterpiece! Crazy beautiful!

What brought you to the entertainment industry?

I grew up as an only child, and my mom always had me on camera from home videos, to recitals. My parents also had me in tap, jazz and ballet classes. Piano lessons were taken very seriously as well. Besides sports, I was huge into writing poetry, and working on the newspaper staff in high-school. I knew I loved music, because music had gotten me through so many trials as a child. I loved drawing, painting, and ceramics all of which I was very good at. I went to Columbia College Chicago which is one of the biggest media arts schools in the nation. I knew I wanted to be in the entertainment field forever, so I took up broadcast journalism radio and tv and that led me to auditioning for a reality show and I made the cut. The rest is history. With my platform, I release all my art to my fans.

What do you want people to get from your work?

I want people to feel it and vibe with it without being forced to. I want people to recognize me as a lyricist, and to know that I push my pen. I write all my music and create majority of my cover art. I also am the creative direction behind all of my photoshoots. When you hear me, or see me, I want them to know it is all me and authentic.

Tell us about your current project.

“Superstitious” is my very first EP ever. A 6 song track list that really reflects on where I am in my life now, letting the past go, and being reborn into a new chapter. It’s about my spiritual journey, and how the treasure is really in the journey itself, and not the destination. I want people to be introduced to a new side of me, a more mature me.

For new fans what is the key thing they should know about Judi?

I am genuine! I want them to know a cover of a book doesn’t always tell the story. There are many layers to me and judging me quickly will never get you the full picture. I want them to know I am a soul.

Tell us a bit about your work and passions OUTSIDE of entertainment…

I really love to travel, and try new foods. I am a huge foodie. I am super outgoing and spontaneous so anything adventurous I will be apart of. I am also finishing my broadcast journalism degree and I also have my own radio show on the TuneIn app under WGTSDB, and you can listen every Wednesday! I also have my own brand and merch, and you can find out absolutely everything about me and what I have going on at !

Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” aka WTF?! moment… –

LOL! There are so many to name!!! I guess I would have to say what my fans say, my most iconic moment is when I served “breakfast in bed” on television. I threw a pot of milk and cereal on one of my castmates and it was super crazy! Where they do that at? I guess the Bad Girls Club house! Haha haha. I could go on for days about my crazy antics but I never kiss and tell! 😉


Connect with Judi Jai

Twitter: @JUDiJAiKRAZi

Instagram: @missjudijai

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