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Published on January 22nd, 2020 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


The Magnificent Lizzo is the Rolling Stone February Cover Story

The reigning queen of the fantastic tale is THE cover story of the of first quarter, sharing her amazing tale and inspirational life outlook with Rolling Stone Magazine’s Brittany Spanos. Entitled “The Joy of Lizzo” the story offers a deep dive into what shaped and ultimately launched the one of a kind personality onto the global stage and has her now firmly ensconced in our hearts.

At 31, Rolling Stone’s February cover star, Lizzo, has become a new kind of superstar: a plus-size black singer and rapper dominating the largely white and skinny pop space, all while being relentlessly uplifting and openly sexual on her own terms. Her story is just as remarkable and radical as her stardom: years of self-doubt and struggle, followed by an unorthodox but swift ascent jump-started by “Truth Hurts,” a two-year-old song that wasn’t even on her new album. Now, all eyes are on Lizzo.

Interview highlights (read the full story here)

On her white-feminist fans: 

“Yeah, there’s hella white people at my shows,” she asserts, with a smirk. “What am I gonna do, turn them away? My music is for everybody.”

On her song, “Coconut Oil,” being an anthem for black women: 

“As a black woman, I make music for people, from an experience that is from a black woman,” the singer says. “I’m making music that hopefully makes other people feel good and helps me discover self-love. That message I want to go directly to black women, big black women, black trans women. Period.”

On her body:

“I’m so much more than that. Because I actually present that, I have a whole career. It’s not a trend.”

On the pain of breaking up:

“As fucked up as it sounds, I needed that heartbreak experience…I’m not sad, because I use the pain so constructively. It’s inevitable. The pain is a human experience.”

 On her love of playing the flute:

“I was just so good at flute. [I thought], ‘This is it for me. I’m going to college for this shit.’ I knew back then.”

On Prince offering to produce an album for her (from a 2018 interview):

“I used to be so upset that I never had co-signs,” she told Rolling Stone in 2018. “I was like, ‘I’m too weird for the rappers and too black for the indies.’ I was just sitting in this league of my own. To be embraced by Prince and co-signed, I am eternally grateful for that.”

Content courtesy of Rolling Stone

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