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Published on August 24th, 2021 | by Al Geiner


Exposure Explosion Festival Brings Together Music Entertainment and Entrepreneurship

Musicians and music lovers rejoice, the Exposure Explosion Festival is now official and on its way to become the next big force in creative business and community development for music. Exposure Explosion Festival is a weekly celebration of entertainment, small business marketing, and interactive media brought to you by DRH Consulting. This entertainment firm offers a creative home to growing artists. The aim is to serve as a platform that helps artists enhance their brand, providing benefits such as housing, healthcare, studios,  child care, and record label start-up coaching.

The idea is being spearheaded by the talented and innovative Studd Da Kidd. Hailing from San Antonio Texas, the artist has fully embraced the creative industry, growing her brand and business blueprint to great success. She hopes to help other creatives grow and expand alongside her, utilizing her vision and experience to do so.

Within the last decade, music festivals have grown into a major social event, ones that take place multiple times throughout the year in the U.S. And alongside their rise in popularity, hundreds of smaller, niche, or genre-specific festivals have flourished for creative talent to brandish their craft. Exposure Explosion Festival seeks to carve its own niche as a music festival that also serves as a business marketing center, and more importantly one that puts the artist first. DRH Consulting and Studd Da Kidd hope to make Exposure Explosion Festival a visionary project, building a brand centered around the development of artists from all around the U.S.

To achieve this, the festival will be taking place in different cities and states weekly. This will bring endless opportunities to artists from many different backgrounds, while successfully providing creatives a platform to showcase and market their creativity. Music festivals are ultimately a communion of culture, a group of people who are into music and the growth of their creative talent coming together to give musicians a platform. Exposure Explosion Festival will bring this to the next level, and set the standard for festivals to come.


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