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Published on August 14th, 2021 | by Al Geiner


Landon Wordswell x The Don Avelar – I’m Working

Landon Wordswell x The Don Avelar delves into a soulful flow on their new single “I’m Working”. A great degree of color filters into the fray, as a tropical flavor informs the track. The lyrics here explore the
modern world, and the insane amount of hustle required to make ends meet. With an inviting sense of space, the mixture of heavy dub-influences, trap beats, and hip-hop adds to the swirling quality of
the piece. Delivery here has a true fire behind it, with the usage of the sample adding to the modern-day blues of the narrative. Indeed, there is a playfulness to the message, a song devoted to the phrase
“let’s get this bread” in the best possible way.

A Tribe Called Quest has a bit of influence over the proceedings. There is that same love for their surroundings and the community, one that has a sense of unity about it. The bass rattle has a loveliness to it,
unfurling with delicate interplay. The percussions display dexterity and chill vibes, with the production going for a nice sun-drenched G-Funk at times. The soundscape seemingly nods to Brainfeeder Records’ uncanny  ability to bring together a whole slew of genres in the mix while   keeping things outright dreamy at times.

Slinky guitar riffs enter the fray, starting things off with a South  American charm. From there, the rest of the song comes into place  quickly. Wordswell displays great detail through his lyrics, which adds
to the thorough inspection of a life that needs to be lived to the  fullest. By sounding so real, there is an intimacy that the track establishes. One gets the sense of how a community is built, both by
those who are truly passionate about each other as well as the way that  they pull through tough times. Towards the final stretch, the duo lets  it all hang loose in a great bloom which exudes their passion and
precociousness.   “I’m Working” revels in a beautiful atmosphere. One that proves that  Landon Wordswell x The Don Avelar to be exceptional storytellers


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