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Published on August 26th, 2021 | by Al Geiner


Meghan Krauss – This is Gonna Hurt

Soul-Pop, Rock and R&B singer Meghan Krauss delivers a powerhouse performance on her new single, “This Is Gonna Hurt,” an intensely emotional song about broken trust, love and the inevitably of facing one’s troubles in a relationship. Meghan Krauss is a songstress hailing from the Seattle area. Her greatest strength has always been her powerful vocal delivery, which took her from stints in various cover bands to becoming the lead singer

for the Greg Howe-led project Maragold. But now Meghan has emerged as a solo career, which led to the release of her self-titled solo debut earlier this year. That’s where we pick up on the new single from the album.

“This Is Gonna Hurt” starts off with some innocuous percussion, but the facade quickly gives way to the true meat and potatoes of the song, its emotional center. Some soft, calm guitars set a relaxed tone before Meghan’s voice pierces through the wall of sound.

 From the opening lines of “Do you have a minute? I remember when you did,” you can already tell the direction that the single is heading in. As Meghan slowly unravels the issues she’s facing in this relationship, she powerfully belts out the title of the track, and the gravity of the song lands to a truly stirring effect. As one would expect, Meghan’s vocal performance absolutely carries “This Is Gonna Hurt,” in a showing of incredible vocal command, raw emotion, and finesse. Every moment feels dire and wrapped with remorse, leading it down deeply personal roads for the listener. The songwriting here is also on a different level completely. It successfully puts you in the headspace of the character, and it’s impossible not to feel for her plight.

All this isn’t to imply that the song is lacking musically. It’s arranged beautifully; with a great deal of attention to detail being given. Every synth and instrument has a purpose and clarity in the mix. The clear production and clever effects also make the single feel larger than life and shockingly intimate at the same time. “This is Gonna Hurt” is a master class of emotional songwriting, performed wonderfully. Meghan Krauss shows off her brilliance in this single, and we cannot wait to see more from her in the future.

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