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Published on August 31st, 2021 | by Al Geiner


ML Moseley – El Dorado

‘El Dorado’ is the latest single from dark-pop and R&B artist Mary-Leigh Moseley, better known as ML Moseley. The song seeks to dig deep into themes of toxic masculinity and how it hurts one’s ability to form deep  bonds in a relationship. According to ML Moseley herself, she “wrote ‘El Dorado’ about the toxic masculinity within our world and for anyone who has ever been in a relationship with someone who isn’t able to be fully present because ofdeep-rooted walls/emotional trauma.” It’s an interesting angle to take for sure, so let’s take a closer look at the single.

Moseley’s dark-pop influence is apparent straight out of the gate, with synths and melodic background vocals instantly establishing a sultry and dark tone. Dark-pop is an interesting genre because it directly challenges the notion that pop should be light and palatable, and ML Moseley takes this angle very seriously. Her songwriting on ‘El Dorado’ is presented as a  story, one that establishes the character of El Dorado, an insecure but otherwise good person, one that the songwriter eagerly tries to help but to no avail.

Moseley cleverly chooses not to bash on the person, instead focusing on toxic masculinity is the problem that needs to be combated together in a relationship. It’s a wise choice, and one that shows depth and  understanding. With this framing, despite the themes, it provides a positive outlook and message. Her vocal performance is also on point here, a fascinating blend of  seductiveness, sincerity and understanding. It’s extremely pleasing to  the ears, and at no point in the song does Moseley sound out of her  depth, which helps the message land more effectively.

Bolstering everything is the production, mixing and mastering of one Frank Famous. Every synth and instrument comes through clearly in the mix, without ever getting in the way of the main star of the show, Moseley herself. It’s a very strong showing from the starlet, one that showcases her vocal range and talents as a singer and songwriter. We can’t help but  look forward to what the Atlanta-based songstress is cooking up next.

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