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Published on December 20th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Agbon: Musician and Founder of Indie Label Called The League

Getting into the music industry can be challenging for new artists. And while many artists work to get signed onto record labels, some choose to build their career independently. Agbon is an artist who took it a step further and went into the music industry as an artist who also established his own record label.

Agbon describes himself as a business-oriented individual who is not afraid to put in the work to achieve his goals. Based in Los Angeles, he established The League, his independent label. “I’m an all-around hustler. More than being an artist and making music, I wanted to build something for myself. I never saw myself working under an employer. This is why I created my own business so that I can work for myself,” he shared.

As an artist and entrepreneur, Agbon prides himself on his versatility and flexibility. His music draws a wide variety of fans owing to his unique sound. He explained, “I hope to inspire other young hustlers out there and other people with an entrepreneurial spirit. I want my work to give them the motivation they need to keep working on their dreams.

Agbon is a dedicated musician, but he has bigger plans for his career. He explained, “Music isn’t all there is for me. I don’t consider it as a means to an end. Music to me is something I do because I love it. Getting to share my stories in this medium gives me so much satisfaction.” He is currently in the process of launching several business ventures. “I don’t want to keep all my eggs in one basket,” he shared. “And I want to lean into more of my other business interests.”

He started his independent label, The League, as a way to build something for himself. Agbon recalled how the transition to streaming influenced his decisions as an artist and recording executive. “Watching music transform from album sales to streams made me want to start my own company. Also, with the internet, it’s no longer necessary for artists to be signed to a label to release their songs. Which is the main reason why it made sense for me to establish my own label.”

Inspired by his favorite artists Curren$y and Nipsey Hussle, Agbon was encouraged to go the independent route as they did. He said, “Watching how they attacked the game from an independent stance and seeing them succeed was very motivating. They really inspired me to do things my own way instead of being a part of something and selling myself for just a piece of the pie.”

Music and business take up the bulk of his time, and while Agbon is working hard on all of his current projects, he has some big plans for the future direction of his career. “I’ve experienced a ton of hardship, but I will never let that stop me from achieving the goals I set for myself. One day I hope to see The League become more successful. I want to expand my team and get to a place where I can sign artists and help them grow.”

Agbon is a musician and the founder of the independent label, The League. To find out more, you can follow him on Instagram.

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