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Published on December 11th, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


DJ Xclusive City is Shifting Culture One Beat At a Time

Music travels seamlessly across the barriers of time, distance, beliefs, choices, colour, creed, race, and more, offering us humans an experience that touches the very core of our existence.

So, when esteemed artist DJ Xclusive City belts his thought that music brings masses closer and builds harmony, he only spills out what we all feel when we enthrall our senses in our favorite songs. It’s transparent how close to home music hits to DJ Xclusive City because he started his musical journey in his pre-adolescence; DJ Xclusive City states:

“The way I got into music started when I was just a little kid. I used to sit by the radio every day, waiting for my favorite songs to come on so I could record them. At 12 years old, I started making custom mixtapes for my classmates.”

DJ Xclusive City rightly sums up his nostalgia when he says that music breaks down even the most rigid boundaries and brings about a feeling of peace and unity. He produces a more profound bond with those around him by promoting opportunities to share a piece of himself through his work.

Unquestionably, we expect to see much more of DJ Xclusive City in the public space and media; one thing is for sure, his star power will keep rising.

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