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Published on February 3rd, 2022 | by Julz Mancini


The Halal Bros Grill Franchise Takes Over New York City With Viral Tik Tok Videos Starring Your Favorite Celebs

When it comes to successful entrepreneurs, many have endured difficult times and several obstacles which have inspired them to pursue business. The Halal Bros Grill located in New York City, was created based on the hardships the owner faced during his youth. Merwais Popal, also known as Sunny (the owner), expressed, “During my youth, I went through economic hardships that, in turn, inspired me to work diligently so that I could one day build an empire and share my success with my loved ones. I’ve always aspired to be my own boss, a title that would make me unstoppable.” And unstoppable he has become!

In 2005, the Halal Bros Grill came to fruition as a food truck. After years of devotion, preparation, and investment, the business officially became a store front in 2017. Throughout the duration of their journey, the biggest obstacle the company has encountered is, “Making sure that the level of commitment being devoted is not going to waste.” The Halal Bros Grill has certainly utilized their business-oriented mindsets and every drop of commitment they possess to lure in new clientele with diverse marketing techniques via social media. Famous hip-hop icons have shown love to the Halal Bros Grill such as Mano, Jim Jones, Dave East, Fatboy SSE, Sauce Walka, and Fivio Foreign which has enhanced their visibility to new demographics. Additionally, several videos on their Instagram and Tik Tok have gone viral with features including social media influencers such as Ken Starrrz, DK, Adam Saleh, Trendy Topic Tiff, Tyler River, and Rosairis, to name a few.

Due to their various collaborations with prominent influencers, the Halal Bros Grill has gained widespread popularity. They explained, “Our social media page has reached millions of people through content that has grown the brand tenfold and captured their attention with posts that include food, comedy, and entertainment, all in a 30-second video.” Their social media presence continues to captivate new clientele and supporters daily. As they have continued to grow rapidly, the Halal Bros Grill is now a franchise. With several locations throughout New York City, the company will undoubtedly reach new heights!

The sky is certainly the limit for this famous halal hot spot! Sunny, stated, “My goal is to expand my business and launch franchise locations in all 52 states. I also hope to take over the international market.” As the company’s momentum continues to increase, be sure to follow the Halal Bros Grill on all social media platforms! Not only will you be entertained by their content, but your appetite will be stimulated!



With more locations coming soon, here is a list of the current locations available to you!

247-14 s conduit ave Rosedale

218-74 Hempstead ave Queensvillage 

2508 Flatbush ave Brooklyn

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