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Jarvis Redd: Rising Country Superstar Becomes Overnight Tik Tok Sensation

Jarvis Redd has written and produced songs in every genre imaginable and then decided to follow his heart and his dream to sing country music…Then suddenly, Jarvis Redd became an overnight Tik Tok superstar.

There is a kindness and humbleness credited to many country singers who sing from the very depths of their hearts and Jarvis is no exception to that. In fact, as a young boy growing up singing in his grandfather’s church, his soulful experience paved the way for a profound and heartfelt career. Beyond all else, we are the magic we pass down. The beats of love and music repeat and echo beyond us into a future that we cannot always see right away.

Jarvis is quickly storming the ramparts of success with nearly a million new followers in only one week. Receiving rave reviews from country icons including Tim McGraw, Clay Walker, Dustin Lynch, Brandy Norwood, Chris Young and a barrage of others, Jarvis himself is in a joyful state of disbelief. Tim McGraw recently was quoted as saying regarding Jarvis “ it’s so disconcerting to hear someone singing your song better than you.” Happily, the internet continues to bless Jarvis with the chance to be heard…” I feel that the Internet has leveled the playing field for an independent artist to be competitive“…..Jarvis Redd

In an intimate conversation, I spoke to Jarvis Redd and his manager/producer  Tony Mercedes (TLC, “No Scrubs”, Ed Sheeran “Shape of You”) who weighed in with his own revelations. With career sales exceeding 100 million records Tony Mercedes discovered Jarvis on Facebook and realized his destiny…

So growing up in Milwaukee, what inspired you to want to do country music? Wisconsin is not a country state, right?

Jarvis-No it’s not a country state. I’ll say this growing up in Milwaukee, I started singing in a church. My grandfather, the late Reverend Dr. Donnie Sims was a pastor, so I grew up singing in a church. He literally made me sing almost every Sunday. From the age of 8 years old. And I promise you I couldn’t stand it. I would time it from when I thought he was about to go up to the pulpit and I would run into the bathroom and hide in the stall. The ushers at the church would have to come and get me.

Little did I know he was cultivating my gift. Making me a better singer. I pretty much from there just turned it around on my own. I got to experiment with R&B, blues. Of course, I started with the gospel. The country thing, it’s kind of crazy how that came about.  My stepdad, Nate Luckett of the Fabulous Luckett Brothers gospel group, has been a part of my life since I was 6. He’s from Mississippi.  I’m talking about the deep South of Mississippi, so his accent is very strong. Growing up around him as a kid I was always fascinated by the way he talked, because it sounded different than everybody else, it really stood out. I used to get in trouble a lot because I would mimick him. I just loved country music because it has substance and I love the songs and stories. People love to hear me sing it. I take joy in doing it, and I love it.

Well, let me tell you something, my prediction is you are going to be a superstar. You write songs for all different kinds of genres.

Jarvis -Oh yeah R&B, gospel, pop….

Well, you know that country and gospel kind of like go together.

Jarvis– People don’t understand that, especially that southern gospel that comes out of a black church. That’s why it’s so easy because even though I’m not from the south, my grandfather’s from the south. He brought that southern feel to the church to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I was raised around that my whole life with singing Southern gospel. Old songs with that draw, twangy kind of accent. It had a certain feel to it. When I’m singing it, it just feels natural. I trained to my voice when I was in church to kind of have that Southern Sound. What I’m saying is that country music is natural for me because I’ve been doing it my whole life.

What is your ultimate stage fantasy?

Jarvis -My ultimate stage fantasy is to be singing in front of thousands of people and everyone in the audience knows the words and is singing with me. With their cell phones up. I think once you get to that moment it’s kind of like, you made it.

If you could have me ask you any question on the planet, what question would you want that to be?

Jarvis– Who is Jarvis Redd?

Okay I’m game, who is Jarvis?

Jarvis– Jarvis Redd is a father and a son. He’s a friend , he’s a mentor. He’s a singer, he’s a lover. He’s a guy that doesn’t give up. If he believes in something, he’ll put forth 500% of his energy into it to bring the dream or whatever the goal is into fruition. He’s the guy that’s not perfect at all. Has a lot flaws. He’s a man that’s willing to do whatever it takes to chase his dreams and make people happy. And cheer up people’s days through music.

Tony– here’s the thing I know, we are on the cusp of country greatness. We’re billing him to be a game changer and a trendsetter. At a level that very few have been able to do on just his skill set alone. And I think that combined with the people around him, he’s just destined for greatness. I want to make sure everything is picture perfect. I don’t want to leave any stone unturned. It’s very important that we try to get him situated as soon as possible because I think big things are coming.

I need him in New york. I’ll let him have the holidays but then I need him in New York in January.

Tony– he’s filming a movie in January. It’s a Christmas movie for next year.

Athena Saves Christmas is the name of the movie.

As a country singer, do you have any country influences? Who would you want to sing with, who would you want to be on stage with?

Jarvis -I listen to a lot of country singers. My favorites are Luke Combs, Chris Young, Garth Brooks, Keith Whitley, and Charlie Pride. If I could be with anybody on stage today, it would have to be hands down Tim McGraw. I say that because I love his tone. I love the way he just takes those records and his voice brings you in. The tone of his voice and his words penetrate you when you hear it. Outside of that I am always big on character. You could be one of the richest men in the world or richest woman or biggest actors… it was kind of crazy that some one of Mega status looked at me singing one of their songs and said it’s so disconcerting to have someone singing your song better than you.

Tony– he is an amazing country singer who represents what opportunity looks like. He represents what possibility looks like, from the stroke of a key.

Jarvis-Singing it on my phone and putting it on TikTok. Singing it on my phone and watching 6 million people watch what I created and the engagement is just through the roof. It’s just like a boost to people that are independent that don’t have the money or the connections.

Tony- Jarvis is an American country singer has been able to do that , that makes a statement.

So one thing I need you to quote is that Jarvis Redd said that “there are no unsuccessful people in the music business, just those that quit before their time.” This is so true.

Do you have any videos and stuff like that?

Like music videos? Nope. No music videos , no apple music, no spotify.



Interview by Eileen Shapiro


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