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Published on April 25th, 2022 | by Saqib Malik


Aiden Kerr- 11-Year-Old Brother of XXXTENTACION- Breaks Into Pop Culture As Dynamic Pianist and Philanthropist

The world of philanthropy is a wide and vast one, as there are many causes that stretch across the world. Moreover, it may seem overwhelming to get involved, but sometimes it just takes a community initiative that can change the lives of many around you.

Someone who has been taught the importance of giving back and helping others from a young age is the young musician and social media creator Aiden Kerr, who has already made many philanthropic initiatives at just 11 years old. Aiden has never been more grateful for his familial support and the life he has, most especially after the passing of his brother, XXXTENTACION.

From the passing of his brother, his family created the XXXTENTACION Foundation to honor his memory and bring further positivity to his name, along with the musical legacy he left behind. The foundation works with different causes and organizations in order to bring help to those in need through different resources and support. Aiden’s involvement in the foundations makes him feel more connected to his familial values and his charitable efforts.

However, his philanthropic endeavors do not stop there. He has grown up to value the family he has, and the support system that comes with it. Therefore, knowing that there are children that do not have the same privileges makes him feel passionate about giving kids the chance to have the same. His involvement with the SOS Children’s Village in Florida gives him the opportunity to do just that.

The SOS Children’s Village created a community of kids that come from all different backgrounds, but share similar needs of support, resources, and connection. With some having negligible situations, they are aware of the different aspects involved in providing a child with the proper tools for growth and stability. That is why they take on a community-centered approach that highlights friendship, family, and education. Especially as kids, having mental and emotional support can be just as important as basic resources due to its ability to mold their childhood experiences.

Through the organization’s mission, Aiden works with what he has, as well as his time and attention, to give the kids fulfilling experiences. One of his bigger accomplishments with the organization was his Christmas Carnival, which included different activities and celebrations, along with gift-giving. With the holidays being a time for gathering and connecting to those around you, this event gave the kids a chance to experience love and care that they might not have gotten otherwise. Moreover, as a kid himself, Aiden naturally creates connections with the kids through his involvement.

As Aiden continues to grow, he is excited to continue his other passions, alongside philanthropy. For instance, he shares similar interests in music as his late brother, XXXTENTACION, through his talent for piano playing. He also enjoys participating in self-defense and MMA activities as a form of physical exercise. Moreover, he uses his YouTube channel as a way to express himself and connect with his audience. As he continues to grow, he is looking forward to expanding his interests, and most especially, his philanthropic efforts.    


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