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Published on December 30th, 2022 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


2022 End of the Year Artist Spotlight List

Musically, 2022 saw maybe the most diverse array of young artists saying enough of the status quo, veering off on their own path, often successfully marrying genres to create powerful anthems to change…not in a political sense per se, they simply proved the melding of sounds could create global shockwaves. Coming out off almost two years of lockdown which heralded a new era of experimentation, creativity, and music entrepreneurship, we got to meet artists perhaps we would have missed out on if they hadn’t been cooped up in the house/home studio, etc.

It’s difficult to pick just ten examples from the tens of thousands of songs and artists that try to work their way center stage in this business each year and 2022 was no different. Averaging 200 pitches a day from all corners of the earth it seems, this collection of artists, I think, represents a good segment of the sounds and styles we’ve been hit with this past year. Unfortunately, there is only one female artist on this year’s list, once you check the section of this post dedicated to her, you’ll understand why.

There’s no doubt, this could have been a list of about a thousand artists to spotlight and there are some styles I didn’t touch, but for 2023, I’m probably going to do this regularly so stand by for more!

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Artist Spotlight


Author & illustrator of the fantasy book series “Tale from Pangea”, Cam-Tron doubles an actor seen in local movies. Alongside his career as a Model, Animator, and Director, the New York native was raised near Miami where he perfected his style. But as an artist, his stage presence and energy seem unmatched. Debuting with his new single “Slide”, this fun tune gives a south Florida vibe reminiscent of the 90s. The carefree nights when we partied with friends until the sun came up. His cadence & swing bring flavor to the song, and a bounce currently missing in Hip Hop. And at HIS rate, I’m sure we won’t forget. You can listen to “Slide” on all platforms – and stay tuned for the debut album.


Donnie Letterman

The 22-year-old, DC-based artist once stated, “Some kids grew up watching sports. I grew up watching movies.” This may be the best way of coming to understand the Howard University Graduate Student’s particular approach to music. At first glance, some may take the MC’s heavy, film-infused catalog as merely a nod to an era in time: where lyricism and drum breaks ruled king, oftentimes going hand-in-hand with niche pop culture, sample usages. This would definitely appear to be the case with much of Letterman’s early work, where the influences of J. Cole, Joey Bada$$, and A Tribe Called Quest are practically branded onto the sleeve of the rapper’s familiar Letterman Jacket (right alongside him and his brother, MOC’s, signature LF logo). When taking a closer look, however, it becomes abundantly clear that his usage of films will be playing a much more pivotal role than most would have originally thought. “Whether it’s music or movies. Symphonies or cinema,” Letterman states, “It’s all art. I’m a filmmaker by trade. Storytelling is what I do, no matter the medium. I’m interested in finding where that line between music and cinema is and blurring it beyond recognition.



Real name is Edward Poe Jr is a Michigan-born Detroit-based Hip Hop Artist/Educator. With a discography spanning years and tours across the U.S., E-baby has built a global reputation and fan base. He has performed at major venues and festivals around the world and is responsible for bringing the Hip Hop Subway Series to Europe. E-baby has appeared alongside some of the most known recording artists in the hip hop business-like, like Drake, Big Sean, and Bow-wow, Just to name a few.


FBY Sebastian

FBY Sebastian is a hip hop artist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He started releasing songs in 2017, but began writing at 7 years old. Since the beginning, he put his all into his art, but only began taking his career seriously when he turned 18 and needed to begin thinking about what to do with his life.

He is known for his catchy hooks and effortless flows that keep you wanting more, along with verses filled to the brim with content about hope, trauma, and acceptance. FBY Sebastian is unlike any of his peers from his area, with inspiration coming from artists such as JID, Mac Miller, and Joji. His ultimate goal is to help others with acceptance and create a space for those who feel alone in our current day and age.


Kidd Martyr

Kidd Martyr is a talented and emerging R&B artist from Cleveland, Ohio. Since his first release on SoundCloud in 2019, he has gained a reputation for his vulnerability and soulful music. Drawing inspiration from his own experiences with mental illness, Martyr’s music aims to connect with and support the youth. His latest project, “Lovecraft” is available now on Spotify and Apple Music. Additionally, an official video for the leading track, “Divergent” released December 10th on YouTube. Keep an eye out for more from this promising artist in 2023.



If you don’t know the name by now, you will soon. MOC, a freshman currently attending Howard University, continuously proves that he is a bubbling artist that should be paid close attention to. Whether he is blurring the lines between Hip-Hop, RnB, Rock, and Drill, or opening up for grammy-nominated artists such as Beau Young Prince, the dedication this young MC shows to his craft is only a glimpse of his undoubtedly successful triumph. “I just want to be recognized,” the young prodigy revealed to us. “But in an industry where there’s so many artists trying to accomplish the same goals as you, it’s hard to stand out. The only way to truly separate yourself is through showcasing your hunger, drive, consistency, and higher learning.” Wise words spoken from the 18 year-old literator. However, do not let his age, or the fact that he’s been writing for a little under two years, fool you. Whether he is crafting a melancholic ballad with “a c c e p t a n c e ? !”, or blazing through aggressive 808 patterns like on “Ricch Like Roddy” and “EXTENDED!”, MOC’s talent shines through and through. By having his lyrics the focal point of his pieces, he is able to cleverly craft intricate wordplay, soothing rhyme schemes, and scathing deliveries. Stay up to date for MOC’s upcoming release, “Paid Promoter”, dropping in January!


Michael Jaay

Meet the rockstar of Miami. With Music videos and singles circulating all over south florida it is safe to say Michael Jaay is one of the biggest underground artist on the come up. Releasing his new single “Inside Ragu” off the upcoming project titled “THE WORLD IS MINE” Mj was able to rack up a quick 80k streams/views on the single in only 2 months. Michael Jaay has also been exploring his creative ness not only with his music but with fashion as well. In The latest Music Video you can see mj dripped’ in Gallery Department and Amiri, he has also been doing exclusive photoshoots show casting a lot more unreleased designer wear and getting major co signs by other brands on the come up  such as, ALWAYZ TRAPPIN, Clarity, and alot more dope brands.

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This one is kinda special as we’ve been following this young lioness for some time. Sunni actually earned the main spot on our Digital Cover Issue #132!

SunniThaRapper - Hype Digital Cover No. 132

Originally from Los Angeles, but raised in Mo-City Texas. Her musical interest was birthed towards the end of high school with her best friends. Together they developed an all-female rap group known as BLUSH. Sunni was welcomed to the music industry by Matthew Knowles, who was her manager from 2014-2018. After BLUSH’s contract ended, both artists made a decision to become independent. They then formed the group T.O.D (Topic of Discussion).  Sunni recently made the decision to express herself as an individual, so she is now making her debut as a solo artist- SunniThaRapper.



We want a distinctive source of inspiration for our music since the original music may become monotonous. The Young Lumbee Association is commonly referred to as YLA B. He is an excellent illustration of the unorthodox creative approaches that our editorial staff encourages in artists. His music effectively illustrates what we’re saying.


YTS Armani

YTS Armani is one of the hottest hip-hop artists coming out of Maryland! Quickly making a name for himself, this artist has managed to capture the attention of audiences around the world. His versatility and uniqueness differentiate him from the rest! Armani has blurred the lines between hip-hop and pop to create a style and sound of his own. With many noteworthy accomplishments such as his first EP, “Yours Truly n’ Sincerely” charting #3 on the Itunes top charts, being featured in Lyrical Lemonade, being invited to the 2022 BET Soul Train Awards, and more, this is an artist that you should keep a close eye on in 2023!





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