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Published on February 27th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Women’s History Month: Celebrating Women and Their Contributions

March is Women’s History Month, a time when we reflect on the countless achievements and contributions that women have made to society. It’s a time to celebrate the pioneers who have broken down barriers and shattered stereotypes, paving the way for future generations of women to achieve their dreams.

But how did Women’s History Month come to be? Who were the key players in its creation? Let’s take a look back at the history of this important event.

The creation of the month can be traced back to the efforts of two key participants: Gerda Lerner and Molly Murphy MacGregor. Lerner was a historian and women’s rights advocate who taught at Sarah Lawrence College in New York. She believed that women’s history was an essential part of our national heritage and should be recognized and celebrated. MacGregor was a teacher in Santa Rosa, California who shared Lerner’s passion for women’s history and believed that a special month should be dedicated to honoring the achievements of women.

In 1978, Lerner and MacGregor founded the National Women’s History Project (NWHP) with the goal of promoting women’s history and encouraging schools and communities to recognize the contributions of women throughout history. The following year, they launched the first Women’s History Week, which was celebrated in California from March 2-8, 1980.

The first Women’s History Week was a great success, with schools and community organizations across the state holding events and activities to celebrate women’s history. Encouraged by this success, the NWHP decided to take their efforts national, and in 1981 they lobbied Congress to declare a national Women’s History Week. The resolution was passed, and the first national Women’s History Week was celebrated from March 7-13, 1982.

The following year, the NWHP decided to expand the celebration to the entire month of March, and in 1987 Congress declared March to be Women’s History Month. Since then it has been celebrated every March, with a different theme each year to highlight the achievements of women in various fields.

Today, this is a time to celebrate the countless achievements of women throughout history and to recognize the ongoing struggle for gender equality. It’s a time to honor the pioneers who have blazed a trail for future generations of women and to continue the fight for a more just and equitable society.

So this March, take some time and learn about the remarkable women who have made a difference in our world. From the suffragettes who fought for the right to vote to the scientists and artists who have made groundbreaking discoveries and creations, women have made an indelible mark on history. Let’s celebrate their contributions and continue the work of creating a more equal and just world for all.


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