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Published on April 3rd, 2023 | by Marilyn Reles


Experimental Electro-pop duo Trust the Mask Exude Intrigue in ‘Will You Come?’

Having recently emerged onto the scene with two singles in both 2021 and 2022, equating to an exhilarating collection consisting of the bracing and pristine ‘Crisis’, the lusciously layered ’Opaque’, the undulating ‘Cloudy Again’ and the hypnotic, ancestral debut ‘Solstice Ritual’

The Italian based, exotic, explorative and electronic female duo Trust the Mask have returned for 2023, with the intention to take it by storm. Beginning with a distinctive and undeniable entrance in the form of the synth-intensive, edgy and futuristic new single ‘Will you come?’

Prepare to be sucked into the vortex of Trust the Mask as they take you on an audio expedition like no other.  

’Mask’a form of disguise or concealment usually worn over or in front of the face to hide the identity of a person and by its own features to establish another being.”

Much more than simply an intriguing artist name and clever branding for this gifted pair of musicians and contrary to the usual facade of traditional mask wearing, Trust the Mask do not hide behind their face coverings. Engraved and intertwined into the very essence of their aesthetic, these beautifully crafted conceptual headpieces allude to an ethereal and otherworldly air helping to conjure and breathe life into another entity entirely. 

Enchanting and electrifying, this dynamic duo bleeds synergy in a hit that will keep you dancing from beginning to end.

Aligned with electro pop influences and exploding with intrigue and energy, ‘Will you come?’ is embedded with angelic vocals and punctuated with 80’s style synths, set to invigorate the senses on a cellular level. Bold, unconventional and gorgeously galactic, this first single from their upcoming debut album is layered with experimentation and concise, creative chaos, encapsulating the allure of the alien and the avant-garde in perfect precision. 

Penetrating beyond the surface layer and initial, passive listening to ‘Will you come?’ Trust the Mask uncover the thought and theories behind their newest single, “ ‘Will you come?’ is a short story, a tale of an evening of fun. The song comes from a very simple question but which suggests how lightness protracted over time can transform into something more complex. It tells of an evening where everything is possible.  Spontaneity, instinct, forbidden passions and acceptance of the free self. Vague memories of a glass of wine and a hug that temporarily cancels any circumstance.  Lips close but not close enough to meet. Everything that happens after this short story remains pending…”

Describing ‘Will you come?’ in more detail they reveal, “The voice of the chorus is playful, the laughter suggestive, and the sounds of the synthesisers jump from one emotion to another. “Will you come?” wants to entertain the listener, but also wants to tell how vulnerable human beings are when they least expect it.”

Co-written with electronic producer Matteo Vallicelli from The Soft Moon and 4AD and mixed and mastered by Maurizio Baggio (Boy Harsher). 

With imagery, expression, symbolism and hidden meanings etched into the core of their offerings, both the music and the imagery possessed by this curious duo work in tandem. Erupting into a glorious symbiosis, they feed into one another, equating to a depth of connection and understanding between audience and artist which is extraordinarily rare.

After all is said and done, two questions are laid before you. Will you come? along for the ride and do you dare, Trust the Mask?

Listen on Spotify Here.

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