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Published on April 6th, 2023 | by Natalie Patrick


SM6 shares a brand new album “Rom Com”

SM6, the TikTok-famous sibling sextet, has released their electrifying debut album Rom Com, a seven-track tour de force exploring the highs and lows of love and infatuation. The album takes listeners on an emotional journey through attraction, confusion, and the inevitable drama unfolding.

Rom Com delves into the stages of love, from the initial spark to the heart-wrenching breakup, against a vibrant electro-pop backdrop infused with 2000s-romcom-pop, electronic, and pop-rock influences. The band, consisting of lead singer and bassist Isabel Jones, backup vocalist and pianist George Jones, guitarist Adam Jones, drummer Emily Jones, guitarist Jack Jones, and percussionist Ellie Jones, has quickly risen to fame over the past three years, garnering a dedicated TikTok following.

Produced by JENGA Productions (Shayon Daniels, Nicci Funicelli, Jim Funicelli), the album features catchy tracks like “Two Friends,” a bold situations anthem, and “What About Her,” a tension-filled rock number about communication breakdowns. SM6 also showcases their punk edge in tracks such as “Try Hard” and “Blondie,” inspired by Sabrina Carpenter, which conveys the excitement and confusion of navigating complex relationships.

From the spirited 2000s-inspired track “Jacket” to the melancholic closing number “Not Us Anymore,” Rom Com beautifully captures the kaleidoscopic emotions of love, drawing parallels between on-screen romances and real-life complexities. The band comments, “We cover every emotion someone may be going through with this album.”

With over 3 million followers and 12 million weekly viewers on TikTok, the six siblings of SM6 have captivated fans worldwide with their relatable and authentic music, exploring themes such as mental health and embracing one’s identity. Their previous singles, “Generation Heartbreak,” “Let Me Be Happy,” and “Panic,” has resonated with audiences, garnering accolades from Sweety High, Celeb Secrets, and Tonight Magazine.

In Rom Com, SM6 invites listeners to lose themselves in the enthralling, intense, and emotionally charged world of love, proving that life, though not a movie, can be just as captivating.

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