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Published on September 28th, 2023 | by Ralph Okobz


How African Gospel Director Akhabue Evans Is Redefining Music Videos As Cinematic Masterpieces

For Akhabue Evans known by many in the gospel music industry as Dir En’Man, a visionary filmmaker and music video director, rewriting the rules of visual storytelling in the music industry is a big dream he wants to preach to the world through his lenses. With two extraordinary music videos currently trending, Evans said that he wants to transcend the traditional boundaries of the genre, delivering immersive cinematic adventures.

His latest masterpiece, “B’OLA,” breathed life into Sunmisola Agbebi’s soul-stirring anthem of redemption. Evans scouted a graffiti-adorned abandoned warehouse as the backdrop, a poignant symbol of life’s struggles. Here, he orchestrated captivating dance sequences that mirrored the protagonist’s emotional journey, infusing every frame with dramatic lighting and profound symbolism.

On the flip side, “IBA” by Nathaniel Bassey embarked on a spiritual voyage into the realm of devotion. Evans selected a historic church with intricate stained-glass windows and awe-inspiring architecture. His meticulous planning birthed scenes of worshipers bathed in ethereal light, enhancing Bassey’s heartfelt performance.

But the journey continued with Victoria Orenze’s “I Get Backing,” a song of healing and renewal set in the embrace of nature. Beneath a lush forest canopy, Victoria’s ethereal voice serenaded viewers, while graceful dancers symbolized renewal and hope. Evans’ artistry in crafting evocative visual narratives was on full display.

What sets Evans apart is his unparalleled ability to transform music videos into a transcendent art form, capturing the essence and emotion of each song. He doesn’t merely direct; he crafts transformative experiences that resonate deeply.

The impact of “B’OLA” and “IBA” is undeniable, redefining the possibilities of music video direction. They have become more than just visual companions to songs; they are emotional odysseys etched into the hearts and minds of their audiences.

Akhabue Evans has truly turned music into cinematic magic, solidifying his position as a visionary filmmaker. As the world eagerly awaits his next creative masterpiece, one thing is certain: Akhabue Evans is a maestro in the realm of music video direction. Connect with Akhabue here.

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