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Adam “Pacman” Jones Celebrates EP Release at Exclusive NYC Event

Former NFL star Adam “Pacman” Jones, has turned the music industry on its ear with his EP, “The Outlet … Finally Free.” Now performing under the moniker “The Real Pacman Jones,” he recently secured a groundbreaking deal with Universal Music Group, marking a remarkable new chapter in his musical career. Universal will release his first single, “Ferrari Kick,” on November 24th.

To mark this milestone, Jones hosted an exclusive gathering at The Cult Lab in New York City, an opulent venue nestled in the heart of the city. The evening was a perfect fusion of luxury and flavor, with attendees treated to complimentary cocktails and delectable appetizers that set the stage for an evening of indulgence. D’usse and Jay Elixirs sponsored the event, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of exquisite drinks that tantalized the senses. The culinary delights were expertly crafted by Private Chef Jae Jones, delighting the taste buds of all present. Platinum Drip Treats provided an array of delightful treats, adding an extra layer of sweetness to the soirée, guaranteeing an opulent and flavorsome experience. Pacman Jones closed the evening with a show-stopping performance that ignited the crowd, leaving them electrified and ready for a night of non-stop celebration.


“The Outlet… Finally Free” EP is a twelve-track Hip Hop extravaganza, oozing with an air of opulence. Adam “Pacman” Jones sets the mood for a grand time, with tunes that beckon you to dance and lyrics that encourage you to revel in life’s experiences. From the lively “Rich Swag” to the carefree vibes of “Schmell Me,” this EP exudes pure fun and encapsulates the spirit of living life to the fullest. “The Outlet… Finally Free” is a breath of fresh air in its emphasis on good times.

Pacman Jones - The Outlet

About Adam “Pacman” Jones

After a remarkable 14-year career in the NFL, punctuated by numerous accolades, including Pro Bowl and All-Pro distinctions, Pacman has made a daring pivot back to his musical roots. Liberated from the constraints of the gridiron, he is ready to unleash his unfiltered creativity. Adam “Pacman” Jones has effortlessly transitioned into the realm of music, adopting the artist name “The Real Pacman Jones” to underscore his commitment to authenticity and originality in his music. Known for his prowess on the field, Jones has now captured the hearts of fans with his music. With “The Outlet… Finally Free” EP, he has demonstrated that his creative talents extend far beyond the athletic arena, poised to make an indelible mark on the music industry. His journey from sports to music is a testament to his incredible versatility and talent, showcasing his multifaceted abilities as both an athlete and a musician.


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