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Published on December 1st, 2023 | by Natalie Patrick


Shaggy, DJ Yousef, and Richie Loop the trio shares their latest single, “Boom Boom Bam Bam” [P

Shaggy, DJ Yousef, and Richie Loop have combined their talents to produce an extraordinary sound that is about to receive a Cherry Cherry Boom Boom twist. Martin Kierszenbaum, a well-known industry veteran whose electrifying moniker was bestowed on him by Lady Gaga, has applied his remix expertise to the trio’s latest single, “Boom Boom Bam Bam.” Brace yourself for a musical phenomenon poised to burst onto the scene like never before.

Kierszenbaum has a long history of creating hits, including collaborations with Lady Gaga on her iconic debut album, “The Fame.” As Cherry Cherry Boom Boom, he adds new dynamism to the infectious tracks of Shaggy, DJ Yousef, and Richie Loop. The remix, which Polydor France / Universal-Republic Records will release, promises a sonic journey that transcends boundaries and challenges expectations.

“Boom Boom Bam Bam (Cherry Cherry Boom Boom Remix)” is an exciting fusion of reggae, dancehall, and electronic elements, resulting in a distinctively captivating sound. Shaggy’s unmistakable voice, DJ Yousef’s exceptional beats, and Richie Loop’s infectious energy converge into a musical kaleidoscope of brilliance, further enhanced by Cherry Cherry Cherry Boom Boom’s unique touch.

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