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Published on January 30th, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Live Session with Jennifer Hernandez: No One Can Stop Me But Me

In a recent engaging live session, Jennifer Hernandez, author of ” No One Can Stop Me But Me“, and I delved into profound discussions surrounding personal growth, financial opportunities, and the transformative journey of resilience. The conversation spanned a diverse array of topics, from self-love and manifesting success to the intricacies of the mortgage industry and guidance for veterans. As the #1 subject matter expert in Illinois on mortgage lending, with a heavy love for vets, Jennifer brought an amazing amount of value to this conversation and it’s exciting to share it…lots of gems!!! Check out the full conversation below!


Warming up, Jennifer and I exchanged thoughts on self-love and growth, emphasizing the significance of overcoming challenges. We set the stage for an intimate exploration of personal and professional development.

Self-love and personal growth

Personal Growth and Manifestation

Jennifer shared her inspiring journey of manifesting a successful life despite financial struggles and adversity. Her narrative of losing everything and shifting her mindset resonated with the theme of envisioning a future beyond immediate challenges. This is one of those stories that kind of left me momentarily speechless at points…just wow!

Personal and Professional Growth

Our conversation delved into the significance of envisioning a future beyond current challenges and the pivotal role of credit in financial stability. Jennifer’s journey from financial adversity to becoming a top performer in the mortgage industry highlighted her commitment to assisting others in rebuilding their lives.

Financial literacy and credit repair

Investing in Yourself

Jennifer stressed the importance of prioritizing personal development over material possessions, citing her investment in coaching before luxury items. We discussed the influence of positive messaging in music, highlighting the power of programming through sound.

Overcoming trauma and adversity

Importance of Seeking Advice from the Right People

Jennifer emphasized the importance of seeking guidance from mentors and attending motivational events, drawing from her own experiences in the mortgage industry. We explored the impact of mentorship and the value of learning from those with relevant experience. No doubt moving in the right circles and being coachable as well as highly motivated makes a difference in the journey.

Parenting and Personal Growth

Reflecting on early parenthood challenges, Jennifer highlighted the need for self-awareness and healing to break generational cycles. Our conversation touched on the healing process, managing overwhelming situations, and the impact of financial stress on overall well-being.

Impact of personal experiences on family and children

Setting and Achieving Personal Goals

Jennifer shared her goal-setting process, emphasizing the importance of regularly checking in on goals and being open to pivoting as life evolves. We explored her vision of creating an alternative to street life and her unexpected progress in collaborations with non-profits.

Media Interview Questions and Personal Struggles

Prompted to share overlooked aspects, Jennifer revealed the media’s minimal coverage of her struggles with drugs and addiction. We discussed her children’s well-being and how she guided them through challenges to ensure they stayed on the right path.

Discussion on Drug Slang

Our conversation took an unexpected turn into drug slang, focusing on terms like “wiki water” and their variations in different cities. We shared knowledge and experiences with these terms, highlighting regional colloquialisms. This was a hilarious break to the seriousness of the topic…I learned something!

Discussion on Mortgage and Finance Options for Veterans

Jennifer and I explored mortgage and finance options tailored to veterans, covering topics such as credit score requirements, renovation loans, and benefits for service-connected veterans. Jennifer expressed her nationwide availability and willingness to assist individuals across the country.

The live session with Jennifer Hernandez (@iamjennhernandez) unfolded as a rich tapestry of insights, personal growth anecdotes, and valuable discussions on financial opportunities and mentorship. The commitment to collaboration and shared inspiration marked the conclusion of a truly empowering conversation. Tune In to our full conversation below!

You can pick up No One Can Stop Me But Me published by Forefront Books and distributed by Simon & Schuster on Amazon and retailers nationwide. Tune into Jennifer’s podcast by the same title here.


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