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Published on January 24th, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Northeast India to the Hollywood Stage: Bhargav Choudhury’s Musical Journey

Few things can reach into the soul and tug on our emotions quite like music, and some instruments have even more power than others. For renowned artist and dynamic musician Bhargav Choudhury, from Northeast India, that instrument is the guitar. With his unique approach and remarkable versatility, it’s no wonder he has garnered numerous awards and accolades. However, entering the music world is often a daunting task and difficult journey that few have the resilience to pursue. Choudhury not only faced challenges with unparalleled determination and grit but has reached an impressive level of success along the way.

Born in northeastern India, Choudhury grew up an inquisitive hobbyist and took to learning the guitar at the age of 14. Playing the instrument was initially nothing more than a pastime Choudhury shared with his friends. After graduating from high school, he pursued a bachelor’s degree in engineering. 

However, a shift occurred while Choudhury worked to earn his degree. He became involved in musical performances, ultimately building his confidence as a guitarist. The enthusiastic musician decided to instead pursue a music career. He went on to earn his degree, move to Los Angeles, California, and join the Musician’s Institute (MI) in Hollywood.

Here, Choudhury studied to become an Associate of Arts in Guitar Performance, retaining two scholarships to MI. He decisively gained invaluable knowledge, refined his skills as a guitarist, and became a teacher’s assistant at MI, working to teach MI’s youth program. 

The road from earning an engineering degree to becoming an accomplished guitarist was fraught with obstacles for Choudhury, including migrating to a new country while trying to plan a future in music. Nevertheless, through tireless work and with unrivaled passion, Choudhury navigated the ups and downs with precision and earned opportunities to perform in various prestigious events.

Choudhury has performed on stages for such events as the 2017 Latin Grammys in Las Vegas, Universal Studios in Los Angeles, Acoustic Duo at Downtown Disney, and in 2018, he played as a guest artist for Steve Vai Big at the Mama Jama Jamathon. He earned the 2nd runners-up award from guitar legend Paul Gilbert for the Ibanez Flying Finger Contest in 2017. 

In the summer of 2019, he was selected to be a top finalist in the worldwide competition for “Guitarist of the Year 2019,” and recently hit the apex of his career after working as a music producer/guitarist in the Netflix documentaryAlma Matters.” In 2023, Choudhury embarked on his first-ever solo tour across India, which proved to be an incredible success. Choudhury currently plays lead guitar for Billy McNicol and continues to share his wisdom in the industry as a guitar teacher at MI.

The future is bright for Choudhury, who sees himself continuing to tour with his group and is working to build his own production/studio company. Choudhury is a fusion guitarist from India who is sure to continue gracing listeners with his unique sound as he fuses rock, jazz, blues, funk, and R&B. With a distinct approach from a spiritual perspective instead of a technical one, he provides audiences with a one-of-a-kind experience. Choudhury’s sound can be heard on his solo record — currently available on all streaming platforms.

Featured Image: Bhargav Choudhury (Artist Submitted)


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