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Published on February 21st, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


LaVon Lewis: Inspiring Healing and Growth with “You’ve Been Betrayed, So What Now?”

Many of us have realized that relationships can sometimes leave us feeling broken and betrayed, Reality TV star, author, public speaker, motivator, and entrepreneur with over two decades as creative director for household name brands, LaVon Lewis emerges as a guiding light, offering insights and inspiration for healing and personal growth. Known for his work on Basketball Wives LA and Queens Court, LaVon is preparing to release his new book titled “You’ve Been Betrayed, So What Now?” in April. This groundbreaking book aims to spark dialogue about healthy representations of Black men in situations of betrayal, empowering readers to turn pain into purpose. I got some time from LaVon to discuss the book, meeting himself again after a public breakup, addressing imposter syndrome, and in a full mirror reflection, LaVon gave us some insight on how he sees himself from the inside looking out based on benchmark growth in his journey.

The Journey of Healing

LaVon’s journey to writing “You’ve Been Betrayed, So What Now?” began after experiencing a massive televised breakup. Through his own personal experiences, he discovered the transformative power of healing and growth. Now, he’s on a mission to share his insights and tips on navigating relationship trauma, offering a roadmap for others who may be struggling with similar challenges. I brought up how his relation of his process, it reminded me of the immersion therapy process returning warriors receive when coming home from the battlefield…he expanded in that vein which brought a huge amount of value to this conversation for me.

Empowering Black Men

One of the core themes of LaVon’s book is the importance of positive representation of Black men in relationships. In a society where stereotypes and negative stigmas often prevail, LaVon seeks to challenge these narratives and empower Black men to embrace their vulnerability and authenticity. By sharing his own journey of healing and growth, LaVon aims to inspire others to do the same, fostering a community of support and understanding.

Top Takeaways

During my Live Session interview with LaVon, he shared the top three takeaways from his book:

  • Embracing Vulnerability: LaVon emphasizes the importance of embracing vulnerability as a strength rather than a weakness. By opening up and sharing our experiences, we create space for healing and connection.
  • Personal Growth: Through introspection and self-improvement, we have the power to grow and evolve beyond our past experiences. LaVon encourages readers to embrace personal growth as a lifelong journey.
  • Positive Representation: LaVon challenges the negative stigmas often associated with Black men in relationships, advocating for positive representation and empowerment. By reshaping societal narratives, we can create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all.

Looking Ahead

As LaVon prepares for the release of “You’ve Been Betrayed, So What Now?”, his second book, he remains committed to fostering dialogue and community around healing and growth. Through speaking engagements and media outreach, he hopes to reach a wider audience and inspire positive change.

In this writer’s view, LaVon Lewis is a beacon of hope and inspiration for those navigating relationship trauma. With “You’ve Been Betrayed, So What Now?” he offers a roadmap for healing and personal growth, empowering Black men to embrace their authenticity and reclaim their power. Stay tuned for the release of LaVon’s book and join the conversation on healing and empowerment…Tune In!!!

I am honestly excited to read this book, not for recovery but certainly for reference and tips and tricks that apply even in non-relationship circumstances, skills like analyzing the situation, and critically thinking through to a solution…good stuff!

LaVon Lewis - You've Been Betrayed, So What Now? Book Cover
Book Highlights! 

Chapter 1: Introduction and Identifying the Four Types of Betrayal
Chapter 2: I’m a Fraud – How You Betray Yourself with Self-Sabotage
Chapter 3: Family Ties & Betrayals
Chapter 4: Allies and Adversaries
Chapter 5: When Nice Is Too Nice
Chapter 6: Public Betrayal: Public Faces, Private Pains
Chapter 7: Navigating Unappreciation
Chapter 8: Overcoming Disrespect
Chapter 9: Finding Your Boundaries
Chapter 10: Love Triumphs

Find out more at and you may connect with LaVon Lewis on LinkedIn


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