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Bella Rose

Tell me a little about why you decided to get into this industry?

I opened Bella Rose Women’s Boutique in 2010 and only the thing I didn’t have was cosmetics. I was never a “girly girl”, so I didn’t know how much Make-Up was in high demand. I used to pack up most of my boutique in my trunk after I closed, go to the strip clubs and pay the house moms to set-up. While I was in a few of the clubs, I would see how beautiful the ladies looked. So, I contacted a friend of mine who is a chemist and that’s when I started my passion…Bella Rose Passion Cosmetics.

In your bio, it was mentioned that you gained glam during marriage. Why do you think that is?

Yes, I discovered a new me while I was married. (Giggles) My husband and I have been together since we were 18, 19 years old. And, having our youngest son, I developed preeclampsia. I had a horrible delivery. Our son was hospitalized for 28 days and I gained close to 100lbs. Well, fast forward to when I started my Passion Process, I started working out, climbing stone mountain, and I lost 106lbs. I was attending 3-4 events a week just to get dolled up. My husband wasn’t used to this “New Me” & it has really helped our marriage because he was away in New Jersey for about 7-8 months and being the only child, then his 1st girlfriend, I was very Co-Dependent and spoiled. So, I had to be Independent taking care of 3 children in G.A. alone with no family and maybe 2-3 close friends, I had to hide my pain and make-up was my mask…

What advice do you have for the quote on quote “content” wives out there?

My advice for any wife that wants to become A BOSS is “Don’t Get Distracted”. We have to be Mommy 24hrs. a day, A Role Model, A Wife, A Friend, and sometimes it is very overwhelming. By the time we have to check emails, schedule events, and all around stay on top of building a brand to make it grow and be successful, its easy to get distracted, feel defeated, want to give up and maybe just get a job. But, what’s for you is yours,  “Stay Focused!” Make your distractions your motivation.

So, why the move from NJ to ATL? Do you feel this has helped your career?

I moved from N.J. to A.T.L. for all personal reasons. I wanted a new beginning away from everyone and everything at that time. So. my husband and I packed our children up and moved with NOTHING but clothes. It has definitely helped my career. I had NO idea I had this drive,motivation and ambition in me at all, but when you have no other choice but to get up and get it, THAT becomes a daily habit.  I look back to 5 years ago and think, I’m SO proud of myself for having the strength to do it.

Tell me a little about MUA of Atlanta Agency?

I created MUA of Atlanta Agency because, I would always get emails asking about Bella Rose Passion products and the customers sometimes wanted makeup services. I would contact directors and photographers to bring my products to sets of videos and photo shoots, so I start connecting with Artists. Since I had industry connections, I could get bookings. I put everything in a package and it was definitely drama between Artists. (Giggles) And, I thought this could be a good reality show.

Why do you feel you went the natural route with your makeup line? Making this decision, now, how do you feel this has advanced your success with natural being the way to go these days?

I chose to have natural makeup because I have sensitive skin and my friend “The Chemist” educated me of all the the chemicals that lipsticks contain, and it scared the crap out of me. It’s a risk to look beautiful, so I wanted all things that enrich your skin and has a soft smoove feel. I feel this has advanced my success this year because more women are noticing the various skin diseases from makeup. When your face breaks out and your lips peel and change colors that is not healthy. So, it’s a relief to have Bella Rose Passion natural cosmetics that can enhance your beauty.

What is one of your favorite products from Bella Rose Cosmetics?

My absolute favorite product from Bella Rose Passion is my Bella Rose signature lip gloss. I wear it when I run errands and go out with the kids, and I dont have to have my full face done, just some Bella Rose gloss and some false lashes.

What makeup trends do you see being big this fall/winter?

I see burgundy/black and dark green lipstick taking over this fall. And, you can find these colors in my fall collection Sept. 1, 2015.

How can your fans find you?

My supporters can always find me on
Instagram: @BellaRose.Passion
Twitter: @Sheis_BellaRose

Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” moment…

My craziest “Where they do that at?!” moment was when my makeup agency got hired for the weekend…hotel accomadations, travel included, to service celebrites and their families, including “The Jacksons”, in a glam suite. And, my spoiled artists made it into a nightmare! They complained from 6am to 12am, they argued on site, they didn’t like the hotel food, they wanted to do a certain Jackson brothers makeup, etc. And, I was hospitalized for my blood pressure a few days before the event. I had to leave and go to the final day of the event to see what in the world was going on. When I got there, they said, “Oh, it’s really no big deal!” I was so mad and embarrassed, they were at each other’s throat all weekend for no reason. Just spoiled…

Stay tuned to see what else goes on behind the scenes of our Bella Rose Glam Studio “MUA of Atlanta”!

About Bella Rose

Bella Rose of Bella Rose Passion Cosmetics born Aug. 4, 1982, raised in Trenton, N.J., As the only child, throughout adolescence and teen years, Bella Rose was consumed with outdoor activities, uninterested in dressing up or wearing makeup. Bella got married in 2008 and developed a love for Glam, always interested in the new trends Bella Launched the Bella Rose Passion Brand she dived head on into the beauty industry by opening the companies first brick and mortar, Bella Rose Boutique.

Bella took that opportunity to feed her love of the latest fashion and trends. After high demand from well based clientele about her potential for carrying makeup, she decided to launch a cosmetics company to meet their needs. Naming the line Bella Rose Passion. The lip line feature all-natural products, made with special ingredients such as shea butter, which helped launch a natural revolution in the cosmetic industry. Bella Rose Passion products has been featured on celebrity faces and in shows, such as R&B Divas Atlanta, The Real House Wives of Atlanta Starz Original “POWER” and various music artist. Eventually crossing the international boarders Bella Rose Passion Cosmetics are sold in China ( Chinese ambassadors.)

Bella fell on hard times in 2012 and was faced with the challenge of being the sole provider for her 3 children while owing a fresh business,She quickly realized it was sell lipstick or don’t eat. Bella was attending all events even asking pizza owners can she setup a pop up to sell products she handed her business cards to everyone in the stores when grocery shopping, Bella goal was to go unnoticed and it worked, Now selling wholesale Lipstick, Makeup brushes,bags and Lip liner also Bella rose Passion Products are sold in various boutiques in Houston and Atlanta.

Bella Rose’s contributions to the beauty industry were featured in Sheen and Hip Hop Weekly magazines, also YWL Radio and iReport CNN. Her success landed her a small supporting role on the Bravo series, “The New Atlanta,” in 2013. Shortly after she began producing her own reality TV show she solely created ” MUA of Atlanta ” which peaked the interest of James Du’bose for Television Network, also works on Photography and Music Video Sets.

Bella Rose birthed ( MUA of Atlanta ) in 2014, which gained notoriety quickly. The agency now employs about a dozen artists.
Throughout her success, Bella Rose has maintained community involvement through charity and sponsorship’s for more than 100 events and entities in Atlanta, South Carolina and New York. But dealing with her blood pressure while worrying about her mother who just survived a Brain aneurysm She wanted to do more to make a difference, Bella partnered with the Brain Aneursym Foundation to bring awareness to young ladies of different ethnicity.

In October 2014, Bella Rose was featured in Midwest Black Hair Magazine (pages 51-52) and was nominated by Boss Magazine as one of the 2015 Top Atlanta Women To Watch in the beauty industry. Breaking new grounds Bella Rose plans to build her Empire and become a global glamazon, with opening her Bella Rose Glam Studio, in Atlanta G.A. featuring Spa and makeup services.

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