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Carmen Ashe releases first Book ‘I Have A Purpose’

“I Have A Purpose” book cover. Courtesy of Carmen Ashe.

Former Radiology manager, Carmen Ashe, takes a leap of faith and pursues her purpose in being a self-published author by releasing her first novel, “I have A Purpose,” this month.

Prior to becoming a self-published author, Ashe was a top practice manager at a private radiology office overseeing a staff of 100, with more than 15 years in the health care industry.

Ashe said her book “I Have A Purpose” was created as a tool for anyone who is looking for a non-judgmental platform that allows everyone to share his or her purpose.

I Have a Purpose celebrates the lessons that pain can teach us and the joy that true love can bring to our lives, no matter what the circumstances may be,” said Ashe.

I Have A Purpose documents Carmen Ashe’s life as she faced challenges including carrying a dark secret of an abusive family member, fighting to escape the control of her dominating father and being beaten by a boyfriend who preferred to see her dead than let her go. Realizing her mother can’t protect her, Ashe learned that only she could save herself. 

Pulling from her life experiences, she is also sure to highlight love, and the struggles love comes with at times.

Ashe embarked on writing her life story from over 10 years ago, but put it on hold several times. She said her husband passing away is what inspired her and gave her the push she needed to finally finish her book. “My husband was my number one fan and my biggest supporter,” she said.

One of the most surprising things Ashe learned about herself while working on her book was that it was very therapeutic to write it all down but struggled with the thought of sharing her story with the world.

I Have A Purpose is not only the title of Ashe’s book. She’s currently working on building the platform “I Have A Purpose” into a multimedia and e-commerce website, where people can share their story, purchase the book, and buy “I Have A Purpose” apparel, accessories and more.

“After brainstorming with my children, we came up with this title and it couldn’t be more fitting,” said Ashe. “It was in this conversation where we realized that each of us has a purpose and that this was bigger than just the book.”

Ashe has also written short stories but her current focus is promoting her book and website “I Have a Purpose.” Right now, Ashe is focused on empowering women and men fighting the everyday struggle, and encouraging them to share their stories.

Her book is currently available on her website and will later be available on Amazon.

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