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Published on July 17th, 2015 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


G.O.O.D Music Producer Malik Yusef remixes Kanye West’s ‘All Day for social justice organization Hip Hop Caucus

We have virtually returned to the times when Dr. King, The Nation of Islam, SNCC, etc., where in the streets fighting to affect change and demanding equal protection under the laws of our country for ALL PEOPLE. While we may not have the dogs and firehoses right now, we DO HAVE blatant and public murders of our citizens by government entities.

I haven’t always been a journalist, just like many, I have a street story as well. Most importantly, to me anyway, is the fact that I’m a decorated and disabled combat veteran with multiple tours to far away lands, seeking out and destroying lives on behalf of “Democracy” and “Human Rights.”

WHY THEN am I witnessing the betrayal of my work and that of many thousands of others who put our lives  on the line overseas. We are being openly betrayed for the world to see by our law enforcement agencies and the courts who back them up. People like me and my team hunted and executed people for “alleged” transgressions against the western “morals and dogma” only to come home and find our people hunted and killed by paramilitary gangs aka police.


So as not to get too deep into my personal outlook, I just got put up on a great song and visual that pretty much expresses the pain and frustration of our people here in Amerikkka. G.O.O.D. Music producer Malik Yusef remixed Kanye West’s “All Day” in support of social justice organization Hip Hop Caucus … the joint definitely meets me where I am … this is my voice by proxy.

malik 57th grammy

About the “All Day” remix:

With career accolades that include: Producer, Songwriter and 5 time Grammy Award winner, Malik Yusef now adds Director of Arts & Culture for the social justice or-ganization Hip Hop Caucus, to his credit. Having understood how deeply impactful grassroots organiza-tions are in mobilizing around interconnected issues that our planet and communities face, Yusef, signed on early last year and agreed to partner with the Caucus and their efforts. Yusef’s first order of business was the Executive Production of the HOME album and the formulation of People’s Climate Music. HOME, a full-length LP the first of a joint production between Hip Hop Caucus & The Private Plane, (Yusef’s A&E agency) was created to serve as the soundtrack to the climate change movement and foster awareness around the foremost important issue effecting our world today. The project featured: Com-mon, Ne-Yo, Elle Varner, Raheem DeVaughn and Karmin to name a few. and was met with great success. 

In an effort to keep the conversation alive in light of current events, Yusef, who himself has always been an outspoken champion for social justice introduces the “Negus Remix” of the original version of “All Day”, a song released earlier this year by Kanye West and which Yusef was also involved. Using the song’s already in your face lyrical impact, the remix links a broad base of issues from: police violence to the Black Lives Matter movement to now, climate change, which is emerging as a new battle for people of color.

With lyrics that include: 

How long they sit and watch you die, all day ni**a 

Yo PO watch yo momma cry, all day ni**a 

This shit don’t happen just to Chi, all day nia 

This shit, world worldwide, all day ni**a 

I’m a dismayed ni**a, rockin’ winter clothes and this May ni**a 

Climate change real, this sh*t cray ni**a 

Yusef’s goal to weaves in a series of very timely topics plaguing the world and our communities at large. “This remix gives voice to the everyday realities many of the young African-American and people of color of this country have to endure all all day” says Malik. The video for the song is now available and can be seen on all digital platforms today.  

About Hip Hop Caucus (www.hiphopcaucus.org): Formed in 2004, Hip Hop Caucus (HHC) is a national, non-profit, non-partisan organization that leverages Hip Hop culture to encourage young people to partici-pate in the democratic process. 

About People’s Climate Music (www.PeoplesClimateMusic.com): People’s Climate Music is helping to expand the climate movement by organizing diverse and influential artists to create music and culture that inspires action to solve the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced – climate change. 

About The Private Plane a luxury goods provider for those who have a selected high-end fashion, arts & entertainment as a lifestyle choice. PVT PLN is a content curator, provider, and delivery system for art specifically those in the musical, visual, fashion, and culinary disciplines. 


HHC x G.O.O.D. Music’s Malik Yusef team up to release the official remix to Kanye West’s “All Day,” for which he originally wrote on.
TW: @malikyusef
IG: malikyusef100

Produced by: Mindkilla Music, Nate of Impact Studios, and Hassan Khaffaf.

Director: Forman James
Executive Producers: Pilar Williams/G oWorld Ent. & Hustle/J East Ent.

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