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Published on March 21st, 2016 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Live Sessions with the Inland Impire’s Audio Push

With their new single Servin crashing the airwaves and their epic freestyle on the Ebro radio show, Audio Push is well positioned to be the next thing smoking to number 1 on the charts. Recently they hit No. 9 on SiriusXM Radio’s Hip Hop Nation “Hitlist.” This pair of Interscope signees, Octane and Price, are full of winning personality and a creative side that brings our ears all the things that make great music.


From the outside looking in, as you guys see yourselves, tell us about Audio Push.

Price: We’re from the IE, the Inland Empire, 40 minutes like east to LA. You know what I mean? It’s huge. The biggest county in the country, is the Inland Empire. It’s untapped territory that we learned with our crew and with Hit Boy and our squad and it’s just so good to have something that’s just us, you know what I mean?

Octane: Yeah. Audio Push, we are the group that comes straight from that town that my brother was just talking about and us, Hit Boy, the whole click basically, a lot of us are from there. Audio Push is that. If there’s any place to put or stand apart, what we represent, is definitely that and it embodies everything that we are.

Price: We purposely made it clear in making sure that people are aware w We could have easily went the easy route and just say we’re from LA and tried to do all that but that’s corny and we obviously have to work way harder, coming from where we’re from and just pushing and rapping it but that’s dope and it’s a part of our journey. We’re IE. Anybody that’s from the IE can be inspired.


Has your global popularity surprised you?

Price: I’m going to be real. I just became aware, as far as like the world, on that super, super world thing. At this meeting we just had with Shazam, I was able to actually see it in front of my face, like the diagram and the numbers of where kids are at and stuff and besides actually going to places like South Africa and Germany, it was awesome.


We caught up with the duo as they were taking a bit of personal time after such a busy opening in 2016. They had quite a bit to say on various subject, all with a unique twist. Tune in and get to know them a bit.

By Jerry Doby


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