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Published on March 22nd, 2016 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Who are the Kredit Koncepts leaders?

As you see yourself, who are the Kredit Koncept’s leaders?

My name is Quincy Luzunaris and I am the founder and CEO of Kredit Koncepts Financial Services LLC and also CEO and founder of The R.A.R.E Foundation Inc. My partner Jeff Broome, Founder of the F.R.E.E. movement (Financially Responsible Educated and Empower) is also the Vice President of Operations for Kredit Koncepts and we consider ourselves activists using the credit industry to empower people suffering from lack of credit/financial education.

Why the Credit Industry?

Helping people successfully navigate the credit industry is extremely rewarding. Thousands of people come to us with dreams and aspirations for a better lifestyle. Very often, the thing that is inhibiting them from attaining the things they truly want is a negative credit report. For us, the credit industry is the only industry where you don’t need to have a dollar in your pocket, but with the right education and know how; you can turn your dreams into reality using credit as blueprint for success and wealth building. The long-term implications of having bad credit are massive and we’ve become extremely passionate about helping individuals achieve the dreams that they aspire to. There’s a credit epidemic and from our view, there aren’t many companies sacrificing enough to implement more change and that’s why Kredit Koncepts has evolved into this self-recovery platform to reach and teach the masses.

Tell me what Kredit Koncepts provides for your clients.

Kredit Koncepts started as a national credit improvement firm 8 years ago specializing in individual credit score improvement with the focus on debt settlement, credit building and credit recovery. We have since evolved into a platform that teaches consumers how to pull their own reports, understand what’s damaging and assist in taking action by allowing consumers to initiate the recovery process, all at the most affordable rate in the credit industry. Every consumer gets a Client Dispute Portal at no cost, to help them understand where they currently stand and what issues need to be resolved to achieve credit enhancement.

What credit advice would you give to someone trying to rebuild?

The first advice we give is to sign up with Kredit Koncepts to find out where you stand. If you want to build anything, you want to build it on a solid foundation. Not only do we want to help you build a stronger credit profile but also a solid mental understanding of what credit is and how it impacts your life.

Almost 68% of consumers don’t know their current credit score and most do not understand where to go to retrieve it. Since everyone’s financial goals are different, then rebuilding to reach that goal is strategic. Outside of getting secured credit cards, making sure your credit reports are free of any negative or derogatory accounts, paying your balance below 30%, the building steps in buying a car is different from the preparation in buying your first home or starting your first business. For many people maintaining excellent credit is a lifestyle change that may require a paradigm shift on the view of money.

How would you respond to a client who has objections to getting on a debt management program?

When I think of objections as it pertains to bettering your financial situation, it comes from the fear of the unknown. Most debt management programs allow an individual to consolidate payments as they negotiate lower interest rates that can take years to pay-off. Too many people get excited about what they’ve purchased and are completely oblivious of the cost or interest rate. I say to anybody interested in reducing debt or building credit, if you choose not to educate yourself to do it on your own, then look at the credibility of the company trying to help you. Kredit Koncepts is one of the only credit improvement companies to maintain an A+ rating be accredited and have zero complaints in 8 years in business.

How should you maintain your own credit?

In the world of business and in life there are many ups and downs that we experience beyond our control. Things typically stay on your credit report for 7 years. There are very few things that run for 7 years without needing some attention that may cause a financial set back. Because credit information is provided on a monthly basis, that means your credit can change monthly so making sure you maintain healthy credit profiles starts with making payments on time and most importantly having credit monitoring that will alert you of any changes, so you can immediately address any issues that may arise.

Your credit report is your financial resume. If you’re not excited about where you stand personally that’s fine, but doing NOTHING about it is UNACCEPTABLE. It’s time to get HYPED ABOUT YOUR CREDIT.

What is your favorite tip to give a client?

It’s important for people to realize that rebuilding and restoring credit is a process. Many people have experienced situations that have led to poor credit and had negative things hit their reports. Many of these circumstances are an accumulation of events over the months or years. What people need to understand is, credit improvement is not an overnight fix and realistically, can take months to recover from. It’s a patient process but it works!!!!!

My favorite tip would be to maintain an active credit monitoring membership. You cannot win the game on credit without the tools you need to play the game and knowing where you stand at all times is the most important aspect of a great score.

What is the most difficult part of being in the credit industry for you?

The most difficult part about the credit industry is helping people truly understand that having good credit is not an option. This is something that you must address to compete and be viable in America. Excellent credit is an absolute must and people must understand that they’re not spending money with Kredit Koncepts, but working on your credit is an investment in yourself. It is the greatest investment you can make because it opens the door for every other investment you will make – cars, homes, higher education, starting a business. You spend money on dinners, movies, shoes and clothes that will soon have little value. This is an investment for the future. This is about lower interest rates, control of your money, financial leverage and having more discretionary income. Learning how the credit system works teaches you information that can be passed down to the next generation. This way they do not start off at entry level into this financial system as many children do, generation after generation with no assets. Many of our parents never had these conversations or even showed us what a credit report looks like. It gives us great pleasure and it’s truly rewarding when you’re able to provide someone with a service that allows them to acquire the things that they’ve wanted for many years.

Tell us about your current ventures?

This is going to be a truly exciting year for our company for many reasons. Outside of providing the most affordable “Do it yourself” credit improvement platform in the credit industry, we are working to assist many industries in empowering consumers. WE are excited to partner up with The HYPE Magazine to launch the HBSC Score Tour bringing Entertainment & Credit Education to a market highly targeted by lenders with very little to no borrowing experience.

In addition to our HYPE magazine relationship, we’re extremely ecstatic to have launched THE NYC FREEDOM 500 campaign. We realized that we’re able to help everyday average working class citizens, but now we’ve turned our attention to those that have been disenfranchised.

We started a program to assist returning citizens from the prison system to get off to the right start. We’ve donated $50,000 of resources to help returning citizens, with the hope of reducing the recidivism rate. These individuals are coming into a credit driven society where credit is needed for the basic essentials in life. Apartments, jobs, cars, utility bills, cell phones and the list continues.

The program has been so well received, that we are now looking to assist our returning heroes from the military and veteran groups that need a little assistance to be the foundation for a strong America. We actually need help acquiring more corporate sponsors and government funding to really help these groups of individuals. We want to assist people not only with words and brochures but also with tangible, quantifiable life changing results.

What do you feel has been your greatest life achievement so far?

We have been fortunate in life to buy investment properties and provide housing to many families. We have also been fortunate enough to start many businesses and provide numerous opportunities for individuals to earn money. My partner Jeff has become a top producer at the highest level in sales organizations and I have had the ability to lead and impact the lives of thousands of individuals through Kredit Koncepts and Credit Score Kings. The crowning achievement and the exciting part is that the best has yet to come.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Over the next five years I see all HBCU schools offering a mandated Kredit Koncepts credit curriculum. I see hope for the 650,000 ex-offenders being released from prison yearly with a plan and vision that was manifested 12 to 24 months prior to their release, knowing that their credit profiles and financial resumes are ready to re-enter society with confidence and direction. I see the RARE Foundation and our partnership with “Help Is On The Way” non-profit organization, providing credit services to the veterans community, assisting them in grant and housing opportunities which require a credit score criteria. I see the over 200 hundred million Americans with poor credit scores, put the power of recovery in their own hands using the Kredit Koncepts do it yourself platform, ending the need to pay outrageous fees for credit repair. And this is just in the next 5 years.

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