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Published on March 20th, 2016 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Who Is Karma?

They have the “IT Factor” total package… triple threats… They’re not perfect but they are determined and hard working to me the best artist in the world to work for…

KARMA is a musically diverse group of young ladies who will empower audiences for years to come. They pride themselves with positivity and want to spread it all over the world. Each of the pop sensations better known as “Americas Newest Sweethearts” are big dreamers with an even bigger sound filled with various genres including R&B, Pop, rock and soul. The sultry group along with its uniqueness is ready to up- lift and trail blaze to the top. They also represent fashion flare pizazz and style. And not mention their dynamic dancing paired with bubbly personalities.

Individuality combined with motivational anthems and a unique sound all equal KARMA, Meet the group: Kirsten (Thug), JaBria (Smooth Jazz) and Miesha Michelle (Fi-ice-ty).

Kirsten, born May 11, her dream is to be the best artist she can be and she is using her family and a guide. Kirsten gets her inspiration from both her mother and grandmother. Kirsten is extremely passionate about music so much that she cannot see herself without it. Her favorite quote is: “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today,” James Dean.

JaBria, born October 24, Native Memphian grew up singing in the church choir found her passion for being a singer at the age of 6. With 7 siblings all bubbling with different talents but pushing her to be the family superstar she knew right then her goal was to make her family proud and so she started pursuing her dreams guided by her father. Her favorite quote is “Live as if you’re going to die tomorrow so that you’re always dying to keep living.”

Miesha Michelle, born November 20, “Without self discipline, success is impossible… What you put in, is what you will get out … To be a success at anything you must put in your 10,000 hours ,” Dr. Arthur Levy. Those words from her father is the driving force behind her. She is motivated by her mother, Temmora Levy, manager, songwriter and singer. Miesha Michelle is what some would call an “triple threat” all-around pop sensation. She is multifaceted in an array of talents, singing, fitness, dancing and acting just to name a few. She has entered and won numerous beauty pageants and dance competitions.

Although she has many talents and many more in her arsenal, her heart is the stage. Her journey of performing and captivating people has already begun and soon she will be dancing into the hearts and millions for years to come. But one particular night was like no other during her star-studded birthday celebration she had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Memphis’ own the Bar-Kays, the legendary Zapp Band and her mother Temmora. On that night it was as if legends met a legend in the making and a night Miesha Michelle will treasure forever.

Yes, she is an entertainer, but she also has a philanthropy niche as well. Miesha Michelle and her family are passionate about raising awareness for prostate cancer. She even donated her own money to the American Prostate Cancer Fund, a program founded by her father, Dr. Levy. Her dreams for KARMA is success, inspiration and giving back to the world and they are on the right path to accomplish those and much more. Therefore, Miesha Michelle, singer, dancer, and humanitarian the list can go on and on, but one thing is for certain Miesha Michelle was born to shine – brace yourselves.

As you see yourselves, who is Karma?

Karma (we) are 3 individuals who share the same dream… And so we came together to inspire to bring happiness to others. We believe that we are all good as solo artist but we feel we’re so much better together as one…

Tell me a little bit about each of you?

-I’m Kirsten-

I’m 17 years old

I’m 1/3 of KARMA

My favorite colors are red and pink, but I use the color pink as my signature color in the group

I love performing

I dislike seafood a lot LOL

I have 1 brother

I’ve been blessed with two of the best sisters a girl could ask for we are not related by blood but we are sisters in my heart God chose me two of the best sisters ever my KARMA sisters

My dream is to make to the top in the entertainment industry and be able to share all of our new experience together with my best friends and sisters.

-I’m Jabria-

And I’m 18 years old

I’m also 1/3 of KARMA

My favorite colors are pink and green but in the group I use the color green to signify myself

I don’t like it when people lie to me unnecessarily

I love to be around positive goal oriented people

I’m greedy I love to eat I eat everything and don’t gain a pound lol

I’m very goofy I love making people laugh

Some say I’m just Easy going just and a lot of fun

I’m Driven and love entertaining

I have 7  biological siblings 3 brothers 4 sisters and I value each and every moment I get to spend with them… My mom and my dad were both singers and I’m always am asked where did I learn to sing. I have to give all the credit to them because I was born from music.

And so my true love is music so Being a part of KARMA is magical for me because I’ve grown to love my two group members that I see as a part of my new extended family as my added sisters so you already know there is never a dull when we’re together… We make our own party wherever we go LOL.

-And I’m Miesha Michelle-

I’m also 17 years old

I am the baby of the group

My favorite color is blue

I’m a fitness junky LOL I love working out

I started dancing when I was 3 and I learned early on I was in love with being on the stage And I loved just being in front of crowds and cameras LOL

My parents put me in dancing , acting, and modeling competitions by 5 they always use to say I had a little special spark.

My inspirations are my mom and dad, Chaka Kahn and Janet Jackson the reason I say my dad is because he is so wise, focused, self motivated, and driven I could only dream of developing a ounce of all of those things he has so naturally and my mom is fierce, passionate, over the top, creative, ambitious, spontaneous, a true go getter these two people are my heroes and I want to forever make them proud.

I have 1 biologicall sister and 2 brothers they are my life line

And my BFF’s (KARMA sisters)

What can I say? LOL I can’t see life without them they are my only two friends we do everything together we eat together, sleep together, play together and pray together they are everything to me we always say we are going to grow old together raise our family together our kids will play together lol to share one dream with these two is truly a dream come true for me… Yes I pray we become a house hold name but weather we make it to the top or not I’m already living my dream just to have them with me as we reach for the stars together…

What brought you to the entertainment industry and music specifically?

(Jabria) I was six years of age when I discovered I loved to sing and it was my passion.

(Kirsten) One day I just took a chance to try something new I always love watching other people perform and when I would watch them I would get this burning desire of wanting to perform as well but I never thought I would every get that opportunity but one day while I was in acting school I heard about being in KARMA I jumped at the chance and embraced it and decided to give it the best of me and here I am now.

(Mesh Michelle) Honestly I grew up traveling with my mom and watching her perform on different stages around the country with my dad being her manager and coaching her vocally my dad also plays the piano and is classically trained so growing up in a household with entertainment in my blood I just decided this was a part of me I tried other things but I always came back to music and entertaining.

What and/or who influenced the sound you bring today?

Oooooooh wow really everyone that has already made it and even those on the rise as well mainly because each artist has inspired us in different ways rather it’s their dancing, singing, personality, drive determination, spunk or charisma we look up to them for having the courage to share a part of themselves with the world and truthful for going after what they love because it takes a lot to put yourself out like that in front of people not knowing what someone else may think of you lol there are so so many but if we just have to name a few then it will be TLC, Destiny’s Child, Spice Girls, Prince, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson , Madonna, Ciara, Chaka Kahn, Whitney Houston, Donna Summer’s, Beyoncé, Brian McKnight and so many more.

What message are you trying to send out to your audience?

We just want the world to love us and our music and accept us… And We hope to inspire others to just take a chance on themselves go after what you want in life… Know that nothing is impossible because the impossible is always possible… No matter what your dreams are never let anyone tell you what you can’t do if you want to to be a Doctor, Lawyer, Singer, Dancer, Movie Star or even the President of the United States you can do that if you work hard you can do or be whatever you want in life…

What’s happened in your career that makes you feel this is the industry for you?

Well it’s REALLY hard to break into the entertainment industry… You are constantly having to prove yourself… You are judged all the time, compared to the greats, some people are really mean and hurtful to you, your style and your choice of music… But what lets us know that this is for us and what we want to do or what we believe we were born to do is when we can go through all of these things sort of like walking through fire for us and we still love it at the end of the day and when you come out on the other side of the fire without even a scratch lol… It may hurt our feelings when mean things might be said like when people may make us spectacle or turn up the volume to judge us and we’re still smiling ready to hit the stage again Then and only then do you truly know it’s your calling and so worth it you just have to stay true to yourself and weed through life finding people in this world that see the good in you and believe in you and your dream as much as you do…

What was the biggest obstacle in getting to your current career phase?

Honestly the biggest obstacle for us as a whole was finding 3 or 4 solid girls, around the same age, with the same dream and talented enough for this, good personalities and willing to basically sacrifice being and doing what our peers or Normal teenagers do unselfishly putting our normal wants on the back burner for this dream that may or may not come true… But we all have to give this everything we got right now to possibly be a success… It Sounds really simple and easy on the outside but no trust us it’s way harder then people can imagine.

What do you want people get from your music?

Well different songs call for different emotions… We really want to take people on a journey with us through our music… Like for instance our song “High Life” we wanted people to see in the video that this is our first song we are not materialistic girls and we are NOT living the high life we are “perpetrating” in the whole video lol like we doing it big when in reality nothing in the video belongs to us and we get caught each time faking like we living the high life lol but we want to one day have all those nice things and if we had just asked we could have used those things so we have a “TO BE CONTINUE” hoping to be able to show how well we did with our song high life that there is now growth and we’re living a little closer to our dream of the real high life… Each song we want people to be able to close their eyes and experience what we are all experiencing in the song like Energy, love, fun, feel the bass, sadness, hurt whatever at that time that we’re going through we want them to be able to get away from their lives and listen to our music to become a part of our world for the moment.

Tell us about your current project?

We are back in the studio right now working on our second single that were super excited about its called “Business” and basically it’s about us just trying to be who we are but everyone wanting us to be what they feel is industry standard we really want the video to show how were being pulled in so many directions constantly told what to do because they say this is what we have to do and be to sell a record etc but we’re fighting back creatively just wanting to accepted the way we are just wanting to be every day girls… So of course this is how we really feel right now lol so we want to share this feeling with the world.

What do you feel has been your greatest life achievement so far?

Well when we visit schools on our “What Goes Around Comes Around” Stop the Bullying school tour and we actually get to meet some of the people who say “we inspired them to follow their dreams ” or when we get to meet some of the people who say “I was going to kill myself till I met you all and you all gave me a reason to live” or when we get to meet bullies who say “that they didn’t even know they were hurting anyone until we broke it down to them and they are going to stop hurting others” so so so many people write us or DM us their stories that bring us to tears (happy tears of course)to know we were able to touch someone else’s life… To us THAT is the ultimate accomplishment… but also us receiving 17 keys to different city’s also receiving 4 proclamation… Being nominated and winning 11 Juneteenth awards… Being nominate for several other awards… Sooo many children and teens across the world sending us personal video messages saying what we mean to them and how we have changed there lives and some actually were saved from committing suicide… Mesh Michelle being offered the mic by legend Chaka Khan to sing with her Are all great accomplishments for us.

If you could collaborate with one artist, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Wow really any and all of them we can’t just choose 1 but on the top of our list would be Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Prince, Chaka Khan, Missy Elliot, Nikki Manaj, Drake, Taylor Swift, Adele, Chris Brown, Beyoncé, Toni Braxton and why? There work speaks for itself so to just be blessed do a project or perform with them We think would be an opportunity of a life time we would all cry happy tears forever in honor because for us that would be the ultimate dream of being able to work with such amazing artist it would mean the world to us… More then anything money could buy.

If you had to pick one song of yours, that really explains YOU, what would it be?

“Always Something” we would choose this song because the lyrics really explains us and our career where we are right now… Because in this song we are not blaming anyone for anything we are taking full responsibility for our actions and saying no matter what happens we did it to ourselves cause we made the choices that we’ve made in our lives so far…


I need something that is real something I can hold onto

a never let it go

I’m always screwing up

There’s no excuse

I do it to myself

I guess it’s true

I’m in My Own Way,

But it’s Always Something

Ain’t it Always just Something

Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” moment…

(Kirsten) OK lol one of my craziest moments has to be when one time we were on stage and in the middle of our show Miesha Michelle called out the wrong song next for us to perform is And I bust her out in front of everyone by say uuh uuh Miesha Michelle that is not the next song everyone just got silent like “Oh no she didn’t” I was so embarrassed I never did that again and our manager got on my head lol about that…

(Mesh Michelle) 0h oh oh I know what, one time were performing and I was sweating really hard to the point my wig flew off I did a spin and it was like in slow motion I was turning and my wig was in the air spinning I looked up saw it in the air grabbed it dived off of the back of the stage and slid underneath the stage put my wig back jumped back on the stage to finish performing everyone was like “Oh no she DIDN’T” in the audience and then all started screaming and clapping saying “You go girl” and “You better work” so at the end of the show, I received a standing ovation… I just looked at my mom and smiled she was so proud because she’s the one who always taught us no matter what “The show must go on.”

(Jabria) Mine was when we were performing at one of our school shows and I forgot all of the choreography. I literally went blank and instead of thinking of what to do next all I could think to do was walk off the stage. But instead of my manager getting upset with me, she smiled said never do that again get back up there and take a bow. They don’t even know you messed up if you don’t let them know…

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