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Published on July 11th, 2016 | by Slate Dv8tor Stone


Recap: Phenom HYPE South Plains showcase Lubbock, Texas

Phenom Hype South Plains Showcase

“On Saturday (June 25th) The Phenom Hype South Plains Showcase (@PhenomRadio) went down at Coho Night Club 2202 Buddy Holly Ave. in Lubbock, Texas.

I have to say off top that we appreciate every sponsor, artist, DJ and team member that made this day possible. Everybody worked really hard to spread the word, sell tickets, and make this a great event. The staff at Coho was great and helped with anything we needed. Their sound system was top notch, too! Everything was crystal clear and bangin through the speakers.

As with any event, not everything happened as planned but it still turned out to be a good time for all that were there. We did expect a bigger turnout, but everybody that was there seemed to want to be there and were really supporting the vendors and artists. All the vendors were very professional and showed up early to set up and get ready for the day. Salazar Catering’s brisket was a big hit and the Now We Taco’N food truck was doing pretty good too. I liked having access to food, because some times we go to events like these for a lot of hours during the day and there are no food vendors which can make people tired and restless especially toward the end of the event. Folks were definitely hitting the bar too, since it was really hot outside. The heat may have had a little to do with some not wanting to come out, but we will be prepared next time with ways to keep everybody in the shade and cool. ClearTalk Wireless was helping everybody stay cool this time by giving away ice cold waters at their booth.

DJ Lopez and DJ Spoon from Lubbock showed up with two teams of DJ’s that didn’t come to mess around. They were on their business and had the crowd enjoying every minute of it in The Raider Room and The Latino Dance Room. We heard Hip Hop, Afro-Caribbean, Tejano, Cumbia and EDM and the DJ’s kept everything blending perfectly. I heard a lot of people saying how much they liked the music. Big shout out to DJ’s Ricky Ri, 1 of a Kind, Scoli, Dev, D. Money Global, Guwop and Adrian Ultra. DJ Torito from Austin, Texas wasn’t able to make it due to an emergency, so we send prayers up for him and his family. We will be inviting him back as soon as possible!

DJ Swayd of Phenom Radio and other stations was a huge hit out on the big stage spinning Hip Hop, R&B, Old School Jams and more. Hearing his selection of Texas favorites showed he’s been listening to Texas Hip Hop for a long time and the crowd of course sang along to a lot of them. He also played some *1000 Network favorites by indie artists that we have collected at other events and from email submissions, which shows how we continue to help break artists records everywhere we go.

Guru (futureguru100) of the *1000 Network and Brand Management hosted the event and kept everybody entertained and informed about sponsors, artists, the show schedule and more. He even gave out some good information that artists can use to move their career forward.

The crowd was diverse and a wide range of ages came out to enjoy the event. I was able to speak to a lot of them and they all said they had a good time regardless of age or ethnicity. It really did feel like a big family reunion cookout with everybody connecting and talking to each other. People at the event were from Lubbock, Amarillo, Dallas and El Paso Texas, Wichita Kansas, Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska, Tallahassee Florida, Tacoma Washington, and New Jersey.

I also noticed that a lot of folks at the event were going live on their social media timelines and posting about the event all day which really helped bring people in and also gave those that couldn’t make it a chance to see what was going on. Judging by the views, people were definitely tuning in.

The Showcase

The artist showcase on the big stage started about an hour later than scheduled since two artists weren’t able to make it and we had to move all the performance times up, but once it got started it ran smoothly plus with DJ Swayd spinning, nobody even seemed to mind. All of the artists showed up for the sound check earlier in the day and they moved professionally. Co-owner and Program Director for Phenom Radio Slate Stone co-hosted the showcase part of the event giving each artist a proper introduction which I felt like was a nice touch.

Nicky Cortez, DJ RoRo Phenom Hype South Plains Showcase

Nicky Cortez from Amarillo was first on the stage backed up by DJ RoRo and opened everything up with a bang! His stage presence and energy were crazy and everybody was really jamming with his records. The production, flow and lyrics were all solid. A crowd favorite was his song “Coca Cola” with some of us singing it for hours after the event. DJ RoRo has been on his music grind in the region from a very young age and it was awesome to see how professional he is. With Vee Promotions helping to keep the business side on point, the Amarillo Texas team rocked this event! They also helped to promote the event in Amarillo by putting up posters and helping to spread the word.

Anonymouz Phenom Hype South Plains Showcase

Anonymouz from Lubbock was next up. The first thing I noticed about him is his unique style and personality. He took to the stage like a veteran MC, introducing himself and letting the crowd know they were in for something different. Once the beats and rhymes dropped, there was no question about that and the crowd loved it. His lyricism, production and performance were on point and unique and I really enjoyed it. He showcased songs from his EP “Lost” that’s out now on iTunes, with “Ashes” being one of my personal favorites. Anonymouz is currently working on “Found” which will be out soon. He also had a table at the event with merchandise and CD’s for sale which shows he’s serious about his brand and music career and his product was moving.

Follow Anonymouz online: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Reverbnation

No Gud Da Simp Phenom Hype South Plains Showcase

No Gud Da Simp representing Omaha, Nebraska was the third artist on stage. We first saw No Gud perform at our Phenom Hype Party in Lincoln, Nebraska in October of 2015. We were blown away then, but with many more shows under his belt since that time he came fully prepared to tear the place down which is exactly what he did. He kicked things off by showing his personality and making the crowd laugh to warm them up, then the music started. He had everybody’s attention from the start and even performed a new track called “So Sexy” for the ladies during his set. The finale of his performance was the banger “387 Reasons” which had the crowd rockin (I was singing along) and by the end everybody was loving No Gud. As he went back to his merchandise table, a lot of the crowd followed him to buy his CD. Big shout out to Rampage Entertainment, Ronzell Coleman and the whole team from Nebraska!

Follow No Gud Da Simp online: Twitter, Facebook

Dub T Phenom Hype South Plains Showcase

Dub-T from El Paso, Texas was the fourth performance and his team was out in force with DJ Mike Fresh backing them up. They came prepared with all sorts of merchandise grinding from the time they came through the gates. Once he hit the stage, he tore it down keeping the energy going with a strong stage presence. He was really working the crowd, connecting with the fans (especially the ladies) and giving it his all. Mike Fresh was killing the tables and hosting through the entire performance which kept everyone entertained along with the music. The songs were catchy and the beats were bangin. Dub-T and company’s grind did not stop at The Showcase, either. We caught word of him performing in another local venue later that night! Everything about Dub-T and his team shows that they are professional and are not newcomers to the entertainment industry.

Follow Dub-T online: TwitterInstagram

Mr Rangel Phenom Hype South Plains Showcase

Mr. Rangel from Lubbock was fifth up on the stage and was also one of the MVP’s of the event overall. On top of investing in his career and his brand, he helped to sell a lot of tickets and posted up several posters for the event around town. The support he has from his family and friends is phenomenal and I was able to meet and speak with his parents at the event who came to support their son. I thought that was super dope and it’s something you don’t see often. All of that aside, Mr. Rangel showed that he was ready to claim his spot in Hip Hop and gave a great show. His passion and talent really shined through and his song “Lord Help Me” had the crowd ready to testify. He ended his performance with “G.W.T.F. (Go With The Flow)” which was also a hit with the crowd. With Dad Periscoping and Mom dancing and rocking with us in the crowd while their son commanded the stage, it was really a special moment during the event.

Follow Mr. Rangel online: Twitter, Instagram

Booga Bradshaw Phenom Hype South Plains Showcase

Booga Bradshaw was next up from Lubbock. The host Guru said it best while we were talking after the event: “Booga Bradshaw had me in another zone…”. Hitting the stage with his hype man, Booga showed right off the bat that he is very familiar with mics, crowds and stages. An elite MC, he showed skill and passion and his music was full of positive messages. DJ Swayd was also very impressed with Booga Bradshaw, saying that he had a classic Hip Hop feel. I was impressed with how he engaged with the crowd, the lyricism and the whole flow and feel of the music. Major shout out to The F.E.W.! It’s no wonder why Booga Bradshaw will be performing at the upcoming 4th on Broadway Parade in Lubbock on July 4th, among other places in the near future.

Follow Booga Bradshaw online: Twitter, Instagram

Crim DeLa Crim Phenom Hype South Plains Showcase

Crim DeLa Crim representing Wichita Kansas was the seventh act to bless the big stage. From the time Crim arrived he was working the event, networking and giving away shirts and download cards that let you get his whole album free. Crim has been a front runner in the Midwest Hip Hop scene for a while now, and it really showed through his professionalism and stage performance. He probably already knows Phenom Radio’s favorite joint on his set was “Catch A Wave”, which has been in rotation on the station consistently since we got it. A bangin instrumental produced by veteran Wichita producer S.E. Trill, mixed with Crim DeLa Crim’s commanding delivery and lyrics make this song an instant hit anywhere it’s played or performed. He absolutely took over the stage and the event while he had the mic and I’m sure he made quite a few new fans.

Follow Crim DeLa Crim online: Twitter

Mr Coop Phenom Hype South Plains Showcase

Mr. Coop: The final act on stage was local veteran MC Mr. Coop aka The Godfather of West Texas from Lubbock. Mr. Coop began his career pioneering the local Hip Hop scene in the Parkway neighborhood of East Lubbock with rap group The Killer MC’s and others at a time when MC’s were held to a high standard and had to be able to hold their own with a crowd or another MC. The 30 second radio commercial for his debut album “Poisonous Game” was the only Hip Hop music on any station in the city at the time of it’s release. Throughout the streets of Lubbock and in many other places in Texas and beyond, Mr. Coop still has loyal fans who listen to that and his other albums and can quote the words from memory to this day. We were proud to have him at this event and he showed the other artists and the crowd exactly what a veteran MC can do. His timeless hits “Honey Bun” and “Lord Have Mercy” had many in the crowd jamming and singing along. Mr. Coop is known for his ability to work the crowd and he put that on full display at this event. Then, flexing some real MC skill, he had DJ Swayd throw on an instrumental and proceeded to freestyle flawlessly for several minutes all while keeping the crowd hype. Mr. Coop also had his merchandise table at the event giving his fans old and new the chance to get some fresh gear or a CD.

Special Mentions

Screen Shots Custom Tees & Screen Printing was the official shirt vendor of the Phenom Hype South Plains Showcase and had a nice selection of shirts including the official event shirt. If you need a professional, reliable screen printer contact Screen Shots!

Find them on Facebook: Screen Shots Custom Tees & Screen Printing

ClearTalk Wireless became an event sponsor early on and helped a lot with promoting the event throughout Lubbock and even in other markets like Arlington, Texas. They also helped keep everybody cool and hydrated by passing out free waters at the event. Make sure to check out a ClearTalk kiosk or store near you and look for them on the web!


Salazar Catering was an official food vendor at the event and were serving up some great burritos with a variety of meat choices, corn cups and more. They’re brisket was excellent and had everybody singing its praises. Make sure you contact Salazar Catering if you need some good, home style food at your next event!

Now We Taco’N food truck was also an official food vendor for the event and has been a big hit anywhere they’re found around Lubbock. We see them everywhere and they have to be the hardest working food truck in the business. They also have great customer service and are just really good people. When you see the Now We Taco’N truck somewhere, stop and eat!

Find them on Facebook: Now We Taco’N

The Art of Fresh Team inside UGK Barbershop was our official television commercial sponsor and has been a huge supporter of Phenom Radio and the *1000 Network for many years. They are a professional team of master barbers and they can handle any type of hair. They pride themselves on making sure you look and feel great and they are great guys. If you need to get fresh, get with The Art of Fresh Team.

See TheArtOfFresh.net

Main Stage Entertainment is a professional management company based in Lubbock and we were glad to have them as part of the event as well as an official sponsor. Thanks to Jay Thomas and Main Stage Entertainment!

Mastered Minds Music is a professional entertainment company based in Wichita, Kansas and also a Midwest Representative for the *1000 Network. They helped us promote the event by putting up posters and spreading the word throughout Wichita and provided support for the event from start to finish.

See MasteredMindsMusic.com

Parkway Hispanic Baptist Church: Big thanks to Pastor Mario and the sisters at Parkway Hispanic Baptist Church for supplying tables and chairs for vendors at the event! The ladies of Salazar Catering as well as *1000 Network team member Yvette & family are also members of the congregation. This is a great church and great group of people!

Made U Look Graphics: Also, thanks to Made U Look Graphics for supplying tables as well. Made U Look Graphics is a Lubbock, Texas based graphics and printing company and the owner Danyal Cleveland was a big help with promoting the event also.

Event MVP’s

Yvette (*1000 Network, Slim Baby Graphics & Web, Lubbock Texas)

Yvette did so much work to make this event happen and we cannot thank her enough. She handled everything from getting vendors on board to selling tickets and everything in between. She also helped out at the event getting vendors things they needed and helping everything run smoothly. She is really a great member of our team and we love her!

Follow Yvette on Twitter

Kavon That Phenom Kid (*1000 Network, Lubbock Texas)

Kavon has been a go getter from the time he joined our team years ago. For this event, he got artists locked in to perform and sold tickets plus helped spread the word throughout the network. He was always ready to answer questions and address concerns from folks about the event and always works really hard for the network. Much love for Kavon!

Follow Kavon on Twitter

DJ Lopez (Power 104.3, Various Clubs, Lubbock Texas)

DJ Lopez was a key player in this event. He brought a killer team of DJ’s on board gaining us some much needed support. Every one of them rocked the house and impressed everybody with their professionalism and skill. He managed the Latino Dance Room, making sure the DJ’s had anything they needed and the whole team moved like a well oiled machine all while keeping the people happy with music. DJ Lopez also helped with distributing posters and spreading the word about the event all through the region. We can’t thank him enough!

DJ Spoon (All Over, Lubbock Texas)

DJ Spoon was another key player in this event taking leadership of The Raider Room. He also assembled a team of excellent DJ’s that were all on point. Whether it was distributing posters, or helping to promote the event online, Spoon was there to lend a hand. He has been putting in a lot of work in the region and we were very happy to have him involved.

Follow DJ Spoon on Twitter

DJ Johnny O (Nerve DJ’s, Phenom Radio, *1000 Network, Cleveland Ohio)

DJ Johnny O and the Nerve DJ’s have been family to us for a long time and they had promo about this event in their email newsletters for two months straight. They have been big supporters of Phenom Radio and The *1000 Network and this event was no different. DJ Johnny O was very excited to come to Lubbock, but couldn’t make it due to an emergency. We send prayers up for him and his family and we will definitely have him in Lubbock as soon as possible! We can guarantee you that he is still fully in the loop and will be checking out every artist that was at this event.

Follow DJ Johnny O on Twitter

Mr. Rangel (Jump House Records, Lubbock Texas)

Mr. Rangel not only gave a great performance at this event, but also helped grind out posters and tickets. He helped a lot with online promo and helped spread the word through his network of family and friends, many of them showing up to support. He set a great example for other artists to follow and his efforts locked in his spot to begin doing paid shows on the road in the near future. He was a phenomenal addition to this showcase and we look forward to working with him for a long time to come!

Follow Mr. Rangel on Twitter

Diva Ebony B, aka Queen *1000 (DivaSpot Ent., Front Line Fridays, Phenom Radio, *1000 Network, Seattle Washington)

Diva has been on the Phenom Radio team for many years and is a consistent MVP in the *1000 Network. She provides online promo and is also constantly working the network in the Washington area and other regions across the world. For this event she even did live videos explaining the showcase and so much more. We love Diva and we thank her for all of her support!

Follow Diva Ebony B on Twitter

Smokin Jelli (Phenom Radio, *1000 Network, XOXO Cosmetics, Washington D.C.)

Jelli has been a big help to the network for many years and is also our Washington, D.C. Representative for the *1000 Network and Phenom Radio. She is constantly working to connect artists to anything we have going on and so much more. For this event, she was always ready to answer questions or address concerns anybody had about it. She is a strong part of our team and we’re happy to have her support!

Follow Smokin Jelli on Twitter

Special Thanks

Thank you to all of the folks who came out to support this event and the artists! This was an awesome crowd and it always makes an event so much better when there’s a good crowd.

Thanks also to the Core DJ’s that helped spread the word along the way: Core Booking, DJ 3, DJ Detroit and DJ Vegas Tagus. Much respect to you all!

Shout out also to American Zoe and Tip Drill Magazine for coming out from Tallahassee Florida to network at this event! We look forward to working with you very soon!

Huge thanks to everybody that let us put up posters and flyers!: Xclusively Paula, ClearTalk Wireless, Ben Mercado of Sky Skrape Films, Kwik-O-Foods, East Point Market, Paul’s Barbershop, One Time Fashions, Blue Sky, Head Hunters Smoke Shop, Dirt City Smoke Shop, Ralph’s Records, Now We Taco’N, Guitar Center, Hasting’s, UGK Barbershop, Garza’s Haircutters, King’s Cash, Toonz Ink, El Tropico, United Supermarkets in Lubbock and Amarillo, Paper Dollz, Amigos, Pronto Mart, O.G.’z Original Tees, 24 Hour Fitness, Women’s Bodyworks, Karlin’s Barber & Beauty Shop, Exclusive Hair Etc., Valero, US Gas and all the others!”

Recap written by Slim The Phenom | @TheRealSlimbaby

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