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Nanu Alidina – 905 (Produced by WondaGurl x Aidan)


Produced by WondaGurl, Cameron Pasquale, The Others & More

Nanu Alidina is a rapper/singer/producer who has been progressing through the Toronto music scene consistently, from his latest single “Complexion” Produced by Osiris Beats (@oprod) to his latest project, “Somewhere in Toronto”. Included on the 10-track EP, Nanu Alidina paints the picture vividly of his ventures between the 905 and 416 regions of Ontario, Canada in tracks such as “905” (Prod. by WondaGurl x Aidan), “Drive” (Prod. by The Others) and of course the title track, all of which express both his love and frustration for the city.

As a solo EP without any features, Nanu Alidina self-records, produces his own vocals and showcases his abilities to rap and sing while also intimately going over all of his experiences. Whether it be on a banger like “6 Gang” or on a much more in-depth track such as “Done to Me” (Prod. by IISaints). From the wavy and smoky production in “Complexion” to the orchestral and symphonic production in “Underwater” & more, the “Somewhere in Toronto” – EP shows versatility as well as a clear representation of what Nanu stands for.

Starting off the EP, “XXXtra/Down?” showcases Nanu’s ability to deliver catchy flows and have fun with them as he raps over the bass-heavy production. After the second chorus drops, the production immediately changes and drops into a much darker vibe, “Down?” which is a short segment where he raps “Is you down for my ___?, Been around for my____? is you?” enabling the listener to really interact with the track and fill in the blanks. Being the first track, this automatically gives off a mysterious, hazy vibe as Nanu’s personality almost immediately changes from “XXXtra” to “Down?”. Going through the EP, Nanu continues to have fun and really go all out on “For Days” (Prod. by Cameron Pasquale) and ends the project on the final track “Vibin’” (Prod. by Shantiseng) which definitely set the other tracks apart from these ones.

Nanu Alidina releases “Somewhere in Toronto” – EP via iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc. on Dec. 18th/2016 and continues at aiming to bring the Toronto music scene forward with his upcoming singles for the new year of 2017.

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Nanu Alidina is a rapper/producer who was born in Toronto, Ontario. For Nanu Alidina, innovation is everything. Since the young age of 9, he has shown a great interest in not only creating music but also producing & completing quality tracks to later on release. This has made Nanu realize that this is the career-path he’d like to pursue. The 21-year-old was born in Toronto, Ontario, and currently travels within the city to pursue his musical venture.

From different musical influences including Drake, A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar & more, Nanu Alidina creates a hazy, mysterious aura for himself, fused with a rap-style that ranges from soft & melodic to hard & aggressive but he is always able to maintain the abstract image for himself. Nanu’s most recent work includes “Complexion” (Prod. Osiris Beats) which will be on the “Somewhere in Toronto” – EP also available for free on SoundCloud and Nanu Alidina now continues to record new music and looks forward to releasing more singles for the upcoming year of 2017.

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