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Published on February 21st, 2017 | by Daja Marie


Meet 2016 Clash On The Catwalk Winner Gwen Davis of Alexandria Lee Designs

How did you get started in the Fashion industry and why this as your passion?

Well, I started sewing in high school because I wanted a class that would give me an easy A, or so I thought. I soon found out that sewing was just as hard as History or Math. It requires study, discipline, and practice. I was still however drawn into the opportunity to express my creative side. At that time, I found it to be a platform to express my personality, views, and ideas. I was young and each outfit I made was an expansion of myself and a way for me to show who I was. Later in life, sewing became my escape from a stressful day at the office. Just having that time for myself was refreshing and relaxing. What I once enjoyed as a private moment grew into something more, a career, a business, a brand. As a designer, I am still excited every time someone approaches me to tell me how much they love my designs. And, with every new client, I feel as if Alexandria Lee Designs is leaving our mark in the world and that is why fashion designing is my passion.

You became the winner of Clash on The Catwalk Houston in 2016, what inspired your pieces and how did you feel after accomplishing such a monument in your career?

I’m a thinker, every time I read the guidelines for the competition, I got inspiration. For example, I’d searched the internet, The Hype Magazine and your, @RealDajaMarie’s page, to find out what clothes inspired you after you were selected to be my celebrity inspiration. I could not find anything, you seemed to be a very simple lady.

Then after reading up on you, I discovered you were in the rap game, and low and behold there was a song, “Bankrolls like Monopoly”. I listen to that song over and over, and all of a sudden I saw her as this gangsta diva goddess with class. That is how the Bonnie & Clyde black and white leather dress with the matching leather hat came to be.

Winning Clash on The Catwalk Houston is a moment that I will never forget. It certified me as a true designer. Some of those amazing designers in the show had been sewing for years, and the competition was crazy talented. No one could be certain how that competition was going to play out. When they called my name, I was speechless.



What trends do you see being huge for the 2017 Spring/ Summer?

In 2017, I anticipate fresh whimsical designs paired with bold colors and textiles taking the fashion industry by surprise. Spring/Summer should boast free flowing garments with color blocking techniques and soft edginess. Bold greens with pinks, yellows with blacks and reds. I think it’s fresh, and its what’s hot now.

What would you say is one of the most fun and creative pieces to make?

Oh wow, that would have to be my tribute to Prince, the ‘Purple Rain’ outfit. I loved creating that huge stand up collar and the extended sleeves. Yeah, it was most definitely my most fun and creative piece.

If you had to choose between designing to build your household name or becoming a private designer for a huge celeb or company, what would be your choice and why?

would most definitely choose to build my household name. My reason is because I love to design all clothes, but I love stretching my imagination the most. The sky is the limit for Alexandria Lee Designs. I don’t have to put on the brakes. If I can vision it, I can make it! And, that is what true creation is all about. I don’t ever want to be hindered by guidelines and protocols, when it comes to my creating beautiful pieces of clothing.

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs trying to become designers in today’s industry?

Be creative, the world is filled with young fashion designers. What ‘s going to set you apart is how you create. So, be different, be bold, be imaginative, and most importantly, love what you do!

Would you like to tell your fans where they can find you and how to contact you for custom ensembles?

You can find Alexandria Lee Designs on Facebook @Alexandria Lee Designs or visits our website at

Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” moment…

OMG! My craziest where they do that moment was in 2014 at a fundraiser fashion show. We arrived at the venue at 12 noon as instructed and was not able to get in until 3:00 pm. Girls were outside getting hair and make-up done. Make-up was melting from the sun, and all the girl’s faces were running. It was funny and sad at the same time.


Interview By: Daja Marie


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