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Published on May 13th, 2017 | by David Morales


Pet Safety: Developing a Pet Disaster Plan

Do you and your family have a plan to protect your pet in case a natural disaster strikes? Not too many people know that today is national animal disaster preparedness day and The Hype magazine is making rounds with Ellen I. Lowery – D.V.M., Ph.D., MBA, Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Rich Anderson, Executive Director/CEO, Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League to spread awareness for the cause. Being prepared is key. Knowing what to do and how to implement a plan when disaster strikes is an important part in being a pet owner. Take part in our short satellite presentation about what you can do for your pet in case a natural disaster strikes.

What are you guys here to talk to me about this morning?

Well, we are spreading the word about how important it is to prepare today for a disaster, because you know when a disaster strikes you usually do not have any time to think if something were to occur. So, you really need to be ready and not just for you and the human family members that you have, but also for your animal family members.

How should pet owners be prepared in case of emergency?

You know it’s a really good idea to have a pet emergency go kit ready, just like you would have your human family emergency kit. So, you want to think about a couple two to three days’ worth of bottled water, some of the pet’s normal food that they don’t need to become accustomed to something new. A dish or a bowl to feed them, their medical records, which is very important, a leash harness or a collar and then it’s always great to have on like a toy or a favorite blanket, something that the pets familiar with. That can comfort them if they’re anxious or frightened as well.

What kind of emergencies should pet owners be prepared for?

Well it depends on where you live. So here in Florida, people typically think of hurricanes, but we also must be prepared here for wildfires. Our Midwest has tornadoes, northeast you have blizzards and ice storms. It could be man-made disaster like a chemical spill nearby your house. So, regardless of the type of disaster that you might be faced with again, it’s important that you prepare yourself and everything that we’re sharing with people. Today will allow you to prepare for any of those types of disasters.

How can local animal shelters help families prepare for, or respond to, an emergency so that their pet is taken care of during a crisis?

Show up before disaster strikes! It’s important to make sure you have proper identification with your animals, so we encourage people to have collar tags with contact information as well as microchips, which can be available at your local shelters and particularly at your local veterinary offices. If you are separated from your pets during disaster in the first place typically, a lost animal will be brought to your local shelter so that would be the first place to check for them.
Where can out viewers go at the Hype magazine for more information?

For more information has a great website prepared and So that we can make sure that we’re taking care of our entire family in the case of any disaster or emergency.


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