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Published on April 5th, 2018 | by Dj Smoke


Hollywood COLD – Dior

East Atlanta friends come together to create original new sound

ATLANTA, GA – Osei and Armani are two Atlanta natives who have taken the trap influence of
their hometown and subverted it into a sound that is uniquely their own. Incomparable with
any other artists out there today, Hollywood Cold is a group that excels in multiple genres and
creates a truly original sound and style that fans all over the country will be able to connect and
relate with.

“We’re not going for the same things other rappers are going for today,” Osei said. “More often
than not they’re rapping about money or jewelry or this image they’re projecting. But we’re
more looking at where rap used to be. We listen to a wide range of music, especially the old-
school music. I listen to that every day – it’s my favorite genre. And we’re a lot like those
rappers – just trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents. That’s why our music is relatable. Not
everybody in the world is rich, and we’re not rapping about the rich life. We’re telling stories of
where we come from, and that’s likely the same place where you come from. It’s all about

The two friends are also quick to point out that though they come from a city known for some
of hip-hops best musicians – and in fact, they come from the same street in Atlanta as Gucci
Mane and 21 Savage – their experience is different from any of those others, and as such it
determines a different sound, style and set of inspirations from which to draw when creating
new songs.

This originality is put on display with a project they just dropped in February called “The
Heartfelt Tape.” Unlike previous projects from Hollywood Cold, this mixtape is more
introspective and transparent and offers a “bunch of heart-felt stuff that came out of trying to
make our favorite music – the kind of music I’d want to play in the shower when I want to listen
to the stuff I want to listen to” Osei said. “It’s us getting our essence on the tape and being
completely honest and open.”

“The previous project we were trying to make good songs that we thought people would want
to hear and that would get radio play,” Armani said. “This one, however, puts our real-life
situations out there and exposes more of ourselves. It’s stuff that we weren’t necessarily willing
to share when we first started, but then a couple of songs started coming together and we
realized this was what we had to put out to the world right now.”

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