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Published on April 22nd, 2018 | by The Rap Hippies


Jonah Cruzz Spits Truths and Realities on ‘Black Man’

Say that sh*t!

What is life like for a black man in America? There are highs and, as we have seen, there are many lows. The ATLien, Jonah Cruzz, is back with his first single of 2018, Black Man.

Cruzz takes this opportunity to brag on being black and how amazing it truly is on this track. In the song, he talks about all of the things that comes with not only the black man in America but black culture. He tackles cultural appropriation, flavor and of course prosperity in this cruel world. We as black people have been met with so many of these things but as the late great Maya Angelou has said “Still I rise.” What’s important and tactical that Jonah does is speak about every facet of the black man from good times growing up in a lower-middle class black home to imprisonment and white privilege.

I’m feeling the humility, yet honest truth, that he displays in this song. Ever since I heard his single Baby Boy I have been looking for more. Look out for him and his whole movement Ordinary Music Group.


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