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Published on May 6th, 2018 | by The Rap Hippies


Don’t Sleep on Austin Awake!

“I wake up and go to work, til ya favorite rapper got his blood on my shirt.”

The hunger in this one is strong! There’s something about a lazy hungry flow. Let me explain. It’s that flow that feels like they’re barely trying but in reality the punchlines are coming from everywhere. A couple people can pull it off very well. Drake, Big Sean and Goldlink are a few that come to my mind. Well, I found another one to add to my list: Austin Awake.

I feel a little late to the party but better late than never. After doing some research, it seems like this artist is a double threat because he sings too. He released an album late 2016 called a Small Town Boy which etched out his own lane in the game. Recently, he dropped yet another project called A Long Way Home. When I heard the project, it was pretty tight but the one song that stuck out to me was Over Ice. Over Ice gives you that “I’m here” feel. He gives off that “you don’t want to see me in the booth” type flow that most don’t. He’s talking competition ya’ll. Look I get it, we are in the era of spreading love and all but let’s not forget this still hip hop and should be met with a competitive edge. Now my radar is on this dude and yours should be too. Check out the song below and for all you rappers out there… I think he came for blood, in a friendly way of course.


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